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Janice Hillcourt Carrell - Oil painting

Janice Carrell, Splash Janice Hillcourt Carrell was born in San Francisco in 1933. She started painting around 1950.

In the fifties and sixties, Janice exhibited and was on the Board of Directors of the Artists' Cooperative on Union Street in San Francisco. She owned The Scene Gallery on Upper Grant Ave. in San Francisco with two other painters showing their own work only. She participated in various festivals, galleries and group shows in San Francisco and the Bay Area, including the DeYoung Museum and the Legion of Honor.

She was in several private collections including the Kaiser Collection from this period. The sixties and seventies were also devoted to raising her family and exploring other mediums including stained glass, clay, and tapestry. She then returned to painting and attending art school.

Janice Carrell, Gualala Beach Education: San Francisco City College; California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland; John F. Kennedy University, Masters Program in Arts and Consciousness; San Francisco Art Institute, BFA May 1986 Painting, MFA 1990 Painting.

"After many years of visiting The Sea Ranch, I am now a part-time resident observing, absorbing and painting this northwest corner of Sonoma County. The sea presents a unique challenge to me. I work at producing a glimpse of the rhythms of its nature and its mood. Oil paint is my medium. Abstraction and expressionism are the foundations on which I explore the process of seeing."

Janice Hillcourt Carrell

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Janice Hillcourt Carrell
Phone: 707-775-7077

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