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Jan V. L. Fogel - Mixed media
on paper, canvas and wood

Studio Discovery Tour artist  Jan V. L. Fogel: Tall Grass #2, Mixed Media on Canvas I have always felt the need to be creative and I believe that comes from being from a family of creative people. From a Grandmother making fashionable hats in Tatum, New Mexico in 1915 to my Mother, the most important of all, instilling in me the desire and ability to imagine.

Studio Discovery Tour artist  Jan V. L. Fogel: Tapestry, Mixed Media on Paper My works on paper are made on 140lb. "cold press" watercolor paper that I cover with layers of glassine and acrylic mediums to create the textures and translucent qualities. I use acrylic paints sometimes adding bronzing powders or metal leaf for metallic effects. The paint is applied with brushes and palette knives and the pieces are often scraped and reworked many times.

Though my work is nonrepresentational, I suggest content through formal devices such as line, color, contrast and repetition. Occasionally, stenciled flowers sneak in. Pastel and paper collage are other tools. Acrylic varnishes finish the piece.

My most recent works are painted on wood panels, allowing me to work more aggressively in the application of mediums. I do not always have a plan or vision when I begin a painting. I am attracted to the process of layering mediums and colors, only knowing a painting is done when it feels right.

Studio Discovery Tour artist  Jan V. L. Fogel: Hummingbird Feeder, Mixed Media on Paper Studio Discovery Tour artist  Jan V. L. Fogel: Sleeping Rust, Mixed Media on Canvas

Studio Discovery Tour artist  Jan V. L. Fogel

Contact Information:

Jan V. L. Fogel
PO Box 1105
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-785-1789

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