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Jackie Gardener - Paper Works
in a Variety of Forms

Studio Discovery Tour artist Jackie Gardener: Speak to Me Studio Discovery Tour artist Jackie Gardener: Roiling Sea My love of paper first surfaced while wrapping gifts at Christmas with my mom. But it virtually disappeared while attending school and getting a degree in art and another in interior design, which provided me a working career.

When I first saw a handmade book many years later, I was enchanted by the possibilities and immediately set out to learn the craft of bookbinding. Since then I have explored diverse ways to work paper including gluing it, folding it, collaging it, painting it, weaving it, printing it and manipulating its possibilities any way I can.

I blend the natural world into my pieces with authentic representations such as twigs, rocks and leaves. I am drawn to all manner of odd but inviting embellishments that help express my vision. Scrabble tiles and letter forms remain a favorite method to add wordplay, directing viewers to the thoughts behind my constructions.

If something stays still too long, I paper it, including furnishings and floors. My dogs and cats keep moving, wisely.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Jackie Gardener: Yellow A Poem Studio Discovery Tour artist Jackie Gardener: #1475

Studio Discovery Tour artist Jackie Gardener

Contact Information:

Jackie Gardener
PO Box 403
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-3542

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