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Heidi Endemann - Oils and Drawings

Studio Discovery Tour artist Heidi Endemann I was born in Mannhein, Germany. After my graduation from the Institute for Art and Design in Cologne, I immigrated to the USA. In 1972 my husband Don and I moved to Gualala from the Bay Area. I had always painted while also being consumed by a career in commercial art. The move helped me to completely give up the lucrative business side of my life and to finally paint full time.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Heidi Endemann I used watercolor as my painting medium for almost 20 years (partly because of the toxic nature of other media), returning to my first love, oil painting, when my studio was completed in 1991.

Years ago I believed that art should be serene and peaceful as a contrast to our turbulent times. This philosophy slowly changed beginning in the mid-eighties.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Heidi Endemann Because of my concern about the future of all living things on earth and man's involvement in causing that fragility, I feel obligated and challenged as a thinking human being and as a painter (just as a writer might) to produce works with social, political and or environmental relevance.

My intent is to create work that is beautifully and academically executed in order to seduce the viewer into a longer gaze, making room for a dialog as to its meaning.

Currently I am working on the "Children Series" and a large project that will consist of 70 individual panels: the "Icarus Project."

My biography and CV are available on my website.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Heidi Endemann

Contact Information:

Heidi Endemann
PO Box 1139
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3581

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