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Dwight Eberly - Oil on Canvas

Studio Discovery Tour artist Dwight Eberly My work is semi and/or totally abstract. I paint to a feeling that I cannot describe, except that it is a visceral experience. I try not to "guide" the work, rather, it evolves and unfolds during the process until I experience that special moment when all the painting elements combine in a sudden subconscious exhilarating awareness.

Using oil paints gives me enough time to allow my ego to get out of the way. Ego awareness impedes my search for the creative experience. By ignoring the ego's "suggestions" long enough - the ego gives up and then I'm free to experience my painting.

I want my work to stimulate on an emotional level - a stirring on a deeper plane. A moment of discovery.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Dwight Eberly Studio Discovery Tour artist Dwight Eberly

I want the response to transcend the color and composition - something that has not been touched before but is waiting to be known, an affirmation and change.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Dwight Eberly

Contact Information:

Dwight Eberly
PO Box 312
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-3327

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