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David Wayne Floyd - Paintings, murals,
wall finishes, furniture and more

Studio Discovery Tour artist David Wayne Floyd: Bed & Guardian The art of creator David Wayne Floyd encompasses many forms. His colorfully spontaneous method and unique style take the observer on a journey into the realm of high fantasy and sensuous creativity.

Originality in art to David means being honest about your own unique ability to form images and ideas in the mind and envisioning new ways of expressing them. He also believes that in our imaginations a unique vision of reality exists, and true originality dwells. "Everyone has their own private fantasy world, it's just a matter of how much of ourselves we are willing to share with others as creators," says David. "I would like to think of our dream minds as limitless!"

Studio Discovery Tour artist David Wayne Floyd: Art of David Floyd David lived his childhood in Albuquerque near historic Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is here in the desert where the bright organic colors of the surrounding landscapes and traditional native art influenced his love of color and light. Growing up he attended regional art schools and won several scholarships to study under prestigious local and internationally respected artists. David moved to the Bay Area in his twenties and worked in the advertising world for many years, then left in 1990 to pursue his art career full time.

Studio Discovery Tour artist David Wayne Floyd: mural Over the last decade David's work has evolved into a multi-dimensional, multi-media art form encompassing canvases, wall and ceiling finishes and murals, painted doors and furnishings, imaginative and innovative fabric applications from upholstery to draperies, artistic and inspired lighting; even live performance art as an actor and gender illusionist. "It's all about the many faces of David!" smiles the 6'7" artist. "We are many things, and art gives us the opportunity to become them all thru our imaginations."

After several of years of working and developing this multi-disciplinary approach, David and his life and business partner James Yager decided to start Environmental Fantasies, incorporating all of David's various art forms under one roof. "Our philosophy after living it ourselves for so many years is that life is art and art is life. Environmental Fantasies embodies these very principles".

You can learn more about David Wayne Floyd and Environmental Fantasies by going his web site

Studio Discovery Tour artist David Wayne Floyd

Contact Information:

David Wayne Floyd
PO Box 1418
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-1224

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