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Craven Alcott - Watercolors

Studio Discovery Tour artist Craven Alcott Craven Alcott, a native Floridian, has lived, worked and played in Northern California for the past twenty years. Art has been a part of her life from early childhood.

While pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida, Craven had an opportunity to participate in many drawing and painting classes which deepened her interest in creative art. Participation in art history programs in Florence, Italy and historic architecture at the Nantucket Preservation Institute inspired her to integrate her appreciation for natural landscapes, classical art and historic structures into her watercolor painting.

While living in the California foothills for sixteen years, Craven was a member of the Gold Country Artists Cooperative Gallery and pursued her art while working full time and raising a family. Following a professional career as a landscape architect, city planner and parks and recreation director, Craven retired and moved with her husband to The Sea Ranch in 2005. The hours now available in retirement are devoted to Studying and painting watercolors.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Craven Alcott Studio Discovery Tour artist Craven Alcott

Studio Discovery Tour artist Craven Alcott Her first solo show at The Sea Ranch Lodge, "Mendonoma Whitewash," portrayed the wild landscape and historic farming history of the Mendocino and Sonoma Coast. Her paintings of the coast have become a popular subject for her on-going work in watercolors.

While she continues to paint the north coast landscape, she has begun to explore other subjects for her work. Inspired by travels in the East and the ancient Asian motifs of nature, she has begun to create her own graphic works using this more stylistic approach. An example of this body of work is "Serenity," her featured painting for the Studio Tour Brochure.

Craven feels that approaching her art from different vantage points and areas of interest inspires further exploration of each. As she crosses between subject matter and styles of watercolor, her art continues to be renewed and refreshed.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Craven Alcott

Contact Information:

Craven Alcott
PO Box 383
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-1008

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