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Arna Means - Prints

Arna Means Arna Means has been involved in art all her life. She has a degree in art and in art education from San Francisco State. She taught art and other subjects in California schools since 1956, retiring from teaching full time 10 years ago, but continuing as an art instructor at Kashia School.

Arna Means Retirement has given her more time to concentrate on pursuing her own art. She has a small etching press and has been experimenting with intaglio prints since the late sixties, where she learned the skill at the art center in Carmel, CA. Her husband and she were very involved in the art world at that time and had studios and a gallery on Cannery Row where the Monterey Bay Aquarium stands now. She later lived in the Bay Area with her family and studied art further at San Francisco Graphic Arts Studio and California College of Arts and Crafts.

She loves making prints and the surprise element it affords each time an etching is pulled from the press. She also enjoys figure drawing, painting from nature and all other forms of painting and drawing. At this stage of her life, she finds it still fulfilling and a very important and rewarding part of her daily life.

In 2009, Arna participated in a workshop at Crown Point Press in San Francisco. This is a well known center where artists from all over the world meet and experiment with intaglio printing. She enjoys doing something beyond the limitations of what she can do on her small press at home and working with experts at etching techniques.

Arna has shown her work in many galleries and exhibits in California and the west coast in general. She has won several awards. She welcomes any who would like to visit her studio to give her a call.

Contact Information:

Arna Means
PO Box 1286
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-1608

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