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Al Forster - Watercolors

Studio Discovery Tour artist Al Forster: Boundries No. 2 Studio Discovery Tour artist Al Forster Al Forster was educated and trained as an architect, but has spent the majority of his professional career as a practicing Architectural Illustrator. He has built an international reputation for his exquisitely crafted watercolor renderings of buildings and projects around the world.

He has won numerous awards of excellence from the "American Society of Architectural Illustrators" (ASAI) and other professional organizations. His renderings and sketches have been published in many periodicals, books and monographs. His images have been the centerpiece of national and international design competitions. His selected works have been a part of the ASAI traveling exhibit for nine years. He has been a successful teacher, mentor and consultant, sharing his craft with students, friends and professionals for decades.

Al's return to fine art in 2005 came at the urging of friends as well as his own personal desire to explore his art outside the confines of his client driven career. After exhibiting exclusively with "Placewares Lyndon Design," in Gualala the past three years, Al made the decision to open his own gallery in 2009.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Al Forster Studio Discovery Tour artist Al Forster

Says the Artist about his process, "my tools are quite simple and very low-tech; transparent watercolor and inexpensive round brushes on 300 lb. Arches, cold press watercolor paper. This is all done over a pencil line transfer from a 2 or 3 step line drawing development of the image."

"For me, the compelling factor is in the invention and depiction of architecture and other constructed form. It's in my blood! I tried to run from it by doing pastoral scenes or still lifes but I just wasn't satisfied. I am excited and anxious to see where this new chapter in my life will lead."

Studio Discovery Tour artist Al Forster

Contact Information:

Al Forster
PO Box 326
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-2184

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