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Adelle Platt - Pastel, Oils, Encaustic

Studio Discovery Tour artist Adelle Platt: Soul Stirring Works, Encaustic Adelle Platt has a BFA from Sonoma State University where she studied under Jay de Feo and William Morehouse, both Abstract Expressionists, and a Master of Arts, Interior Design, from Mt. Vernon College, George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Adelle Platt: Balm for the Soul Series #3 Prior to retiring, she owned her own design firm specializing in hospitality design. For many years her creative outlet was focused on designing carpeting, furniture, wall coverings and fabrics for her hospitality clients. When she retired to The Sea Ranch in 2004, she returned to painting full time after a hiatus of more than 25 years.

Adelle was trained as an oil painter, but switched to soft pastels because she fell in love with their intense color. Her early pastel paintings reflect the discipline that comes from spending countless hours at a drafting table and the emphasis on detail that is so important in the design field.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Adelle Platt: In the Zone Series, Yellow However, for the past year Adelle has been exploring new methods, new media and a new direction in her painting. Her current abstract pieces focus on color, shapes and textures. She has also reproduced some of her pastel pieces in oil because she is interested in the comparison between the two media. Her encaustic work (painting with pigmented beeswax) includes a collage series in addition to several abstract pieces.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Adelle Platt: Jubilation Adelle has shown her work in Marin County, CA and on the East Coast. Since moving to the north coast, she has shown her work at the Gualala Arts Center - including the juried show, "Wet Paint -The Best of 2004." She has also participated in the 44th, 46th and 47th Annual Art in the Redwoods festivals and won 3rd place in the Pastel and Drawing division in 2008. In March of 2007, Adelle had her first solo show at The Sea Ranch Lodge and in August of 2007, she participated in a two-person show at the Dolphin Gallery, Gualala, CA.

Studio Discovery Tour artist Adelle Platt

Contact Information:

Adelle Platt
PO Box 1138
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-785-9506

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