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Global Harmony

Gualala Arts Global Harmony Season of Offerings presents:

Sakha Culture

featuring the art of Andrey Chikachev

On exhibit June 6 through June 29, 2014
Reception: Wednesday, June 18 at 5:00 p.m.
Burnett Gallery
Gualala Arts Center


The Sakha Cultural Festival begins with the opening of an exhibit with displays of Sakha costumes and other artifacts.

Boy with Fish, by Andrey Chikachev

It features the art of Andrey Chikachev, a well-known Sakha artist, whose work captures the daily life of the Yakut people. He has had exhibitions throughout Russia, as well as in Mongolia, Poland and New York.

jewelry by Luka Yegorov

It will also include the jewelry designs of noted Sakha artist Luka Yegorov. Sakha costumes and various cultural artifacts are also expected to be part of the exhibit.

Sakha cultural artifacts

The exhibit will open for viewing on Friday, June 6 with the official opening reception on Wednesday, June 18, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. That same evening a performance art selection will showcase this intriguing culture.

Angel Cranes, by Andrey Chikachev

Andrey's creativity permeates with love to Mother Nature and to the people of the North. As a little boy that grew up in a village, Andrey absorbed the beauty of the Yakut Nature, and the warmth and comfort of native people. His paintings always have a transition from the mythical world to the real world, like a bridge between the paradise of childhood and the world of adult's reality.

Fisherman, by Andrey Chikachev

An active participant of republican, regional, national and international exhibitions, Andrey has participated in many notable exhibitions over the last several years. "Far East" (Khabarovsk, 1997 and 2003), All-Russia ( Moscow, 1998), the exhibition/contest "ArtSakha Modern" (2000 ), "Art Olonkholand" ( Moscow, 2002), "Contemporary Art of Yakutia" (St. Petersburg, 2005), "From Archaic to the Avant-Garde " (Moscow, 2005), 9 International Creative Lab artists countries (2006), "From Olonkho to a New Reality: The Art of Yakutia" (Moscow, 2007), the traveling exhibition "Ulan Bator" (Mongolia, 2008), "Artnavigatsiya - Modern Graphics and Painting of the Sakha Artists "(Gdansk, Poland, 2009), "The Parallels: Poland - Yakutia" (Yakutsk, 2010), and "International Art-Expo" (New York, 2011).

Fishing, by Andrey Chikachev

The Sakha Cultural Festival is a week-long festival on the Mendonoma coast with activities at Gualala Arts Center, Fort Ross and the Kashaya Rancheria. The scheduled events further strengthen the bond between the coast community and the Yakut people of the Sakha Republic in the Russian Federation who first arrived as hired workers at Fort Ross and reconnected during the two-hundredth anniversary of the settlement in 2012. For more information, see Sakha Cultural Festival.

Gualala Arts gratefully acknowledges the generosity of art patron Andrea A. Lunsford,
whose donation is partially underwriting the entire 2014 Global Harmony Season of Offerings.

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