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Sid Waterman Classic Auto and Art Show

Gualala Arts Auto Show 2010

       Exhibit: Friday, July 9 through August 1, 2010      
Auto Show: Saturday, July 17, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Gualala Arts Center

This summer's Sid Waterman Classic Auto and Art Show promises to surpass last year's highly successful inaugural show that featured the work of Gualala Arts patron and renowned hot rod illustrator Rex Burnett. The emphasis will be on the machines, equipment, art and products from Gualala's fabled Waterman Racing Components facility.

Sid Waterman late 1950s

A recreated top fuel dragster that broke the 200 mph barrier in the quarter-mile in 1964 is the featured centerpiece of this year's Sid Waterman Classic Auto and Art Show from 10:00 to 5:00 on Saturday, July 17.

Now living in Apple Valley, Ronny Hampshire, of Race Car Specialists, constructed the sling shot dragster's body. It had an innovative "legs under" design to protect the driver after an earlier car crash at Pomona severely broke both legs of the driver.

Sid Waterman, owner of Waterman Racing Components, assembled the 1958 392 cubic inch Chrysler hemi engine. When the car ran in 1960 at the Long Beach Lion Track Strip it completed the quarter-mile in 7.57 seconds and clocked out at 200.4 mph. It was ranked eighth on the National Eliminator List.

The original car was shipped to Australia, underwent a number of modifications and became lost, but Ronny never forgot it. When Sid met him at Sears Point several years ago, Ronnie proposed reconstructing the original car. After Ronnie completed the chassis, Sid had to build the engine. The project took three years to complete.

To insure accuracy, Hampshire dug out old photos and carefully measured each detail. He sunk $10,000 and countless hours on a national scavenger hunt to find original parts. Waterman has put in another $10,000 and an equal amount of time on the engine. The result is a mechanical artistic masterpiece, 100% recreated by the original builders.

At this year's Pomona Winter Nationals, coincidentally the fiftieth year for that event, the dragster was unveiled and fired up. Both men will be on hand to start the car once again at the show and at Bones Restaurant the night before the event.

Sid & Ronnie

Once again the highlight of the month-long show that opens July 9 and runs through August 1 will be the Gualala Arts Auto Show on Saturday, July 17. Car enthusiasts, both local and statewide, will gather in the Arts Center parking lot to show off their vehicles that will be judged in eleven categories, antique auto to racecar and motorcycle. Hopefully, some gems hidden away in local barns will be included.

The exhibit will feature the craftsmanship of Waterman Racing Components, the business built by Sid Waterman in Gualala into a national racing powerhouse with satellite facilities at Indianapolis' Gasoline Alley and in Concord, North Carolina, the heart of NASCAR country. Every Indianapolis 500 winner since 1994 has run with a Waterman fuel pump.

Photos, art work, products, mechanical drawings, and more will provide a glimpse into what makes a championship vehicle run whether it is an IRL Indy car, a NHRA hot rod, a NASCAR racer, or a USAC champ car, sprint car, or midget. A featured exhibit is Sid's recreation of a top fuel dragster that set national records fifty years ago. This nostalgia car was lovingly recreated and fired up at last year's Pomona Winter Nationals.

This auto show was extremely well received last year and once again street rod buffs will fill Highway 1 for the run to Gualala. The event promises to become a permanent "happening." Only 100 entries will be accepted and slots are filling rapidly.

Gualala Arts Auto Show
Gualala Arts Auto Show 2009

The entry form is available online and at the Gualala Arts Center office. Special Early Bird registration until July 5 includes $70 of merchandise for the $35 fee. Prices go up to $40 for regular registration and to $50 day of show with no shirt included.

Not only does this event promote local industry and showcase the art involved in designing and building a vehicle, but it also allows the masterpieces that are created to be displayed publicly and provides a welcome boost to the local economy. It is another example of defining art inclusively for all the community.

Gualala Arts Auto Show Gualala Arts Auto Show

2010 Gualala Arts Auto Show Awards Sponsors

Classification Sponsor
Antique Auto or Truck pre-1939 Jay Baker Hardware
Surf Super Pick Surf Supermarket
Foreign pre-1973 Jack's Gualala Pharmacy
Stock 1920 - 1929  
Stock 1930 - 1939  
Stock 1940 - 1949 Cottage Carpets
Stock 1950 - 1959 Matheson Design
Stock 1960 - 1973 Ocean View Barbershop
Modified 1920 - 1929 Rosie Iversen, Realtor
Modified 1930 - 1939 CNA Metal Works
Modified 1940 - 1949 Jim Grenwelge
Modified 1950 - 1959 Iversen Electric
Modified 1960 - 1973 MD Electric & Solar
Race Car pre-1973 Jacks Gualala Pharmacy
Pick up pre-1973  
Sports pre-1973 Team Susalla
Commercial pre-1973 Independent Coast Observer
Work in progress pre-1973 The Sea Ranch Supply, Inc
Classic Motorcycle pre-1960 Jack's Gualala Pharmacy
Custom Motorcycle pre-1973 Jack's Gualala Pharmacy
Street Motorcycle pre-1973 Jack's Gualala Pharmacy
Best Motorcycle Outback Garden & Feed
Best Paint Global Recycling
Best Interior Frank Howard Allen Realtors
Best Motor Industrial Carting
Most Creative Ridge Construction
Longest Distance Traveled Jr's Automotive
Peoples Choice Kennedy & Associates
Ladies Choice Gualala Sports & Tackle Shop
Best of Show Bones Road House

Gualala Arts Auto Show Gualala Arts Auto Show

The 2010 Gualala Arts Auto Show
is proudly sponsored by
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Lagunitas Brewing Company

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