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2006: Seventh Annual Gualala Arts
Young Artists Scholarship

Call for Applications

"Applications are now available for Gualala Arts 2006 Annual Young Artists Scholarship," Shirley and Chester Case, Co-Chairs of the Gualala Arts Awards Committee announced. "Eligibility requirements and application instructions are detailed in a program announcement available at Point Arena High School, South Coast High School, and Pacific Coast Charter High School, as well as Mendocino High School for seniors residing in Gualala Arts region, Ft. Ross to Elk, and at Gualala Arts Center for home schooled graduates and others." Additional applications can be picked up at the Gualala Arts office.

All applicants must have the forms submitted by April 7, 2006. Appointments for interviews will be set up during that next week. When all the applicants have been interviewed, the committee will meet to make their decisions.

Case reports that in the past six years, twenty-one Young Artist Scholarships have been awarded in amounts from $500 to $2000 for a total of $22,500. Eleven awards have been made to graduating seniors from Point Arena High School; South Coast High School graduates received two; one went to Pacific Coast Community High School, eligible seniors from Mendocino High School were given three; and local home schooled graduates got four.

Scholarships have been awarded to young and promising artists who plan to further their art career studies in fields as wide ranging as painting, photography, film, dance, music, theater arts, drawing, clay arts, animation, and interior design. "Interestingly, the one field in which we have had no applicants so far is writing," Case observed.

2006 Winners

Seven students applied for Gualala Arts Young Artists Scholarship, now awarded for the seventh year. The committee, co-chaired by Shirley and Chester Case, decided that all seven were deserving and decided to divide the award among all seven.

2006 Gualala Arts Young Artists Scholarship winners (not all present) The winners - Amanda Hopkins-Pence, Jimmi Lester, Rennée Meisner-Bogdahn, Mary Scanlon-Hill, Lindsey Smith, Danielle Spoor, and Jacob Stillman - were among the many seniors honored on Tuesday, June 6, 2006 at the Senior Awards Night held in Coleman Auditorium at the Gualala Arts Center.

The committee felt that all presented impressive credentials and all had shown commitment, sometimes with distinction, to their chosen field of art. For the first time the recipients included writers, but no painters. Three students will graduate from Pacific Community Charter, two from Point Arena High and one each from Mendocino High School and Mendocino Community High School.

Jimmi Dawn Lester is a resident of Gualala and will graduate from Mendocino Community High School. She will enroll at California College of the Arts to study metalsmithing and jewelry. Jimmi has been the youngest ever Artist in Residence at the Mendocino Art Center and taught there.

Rennée Meisner-Bogdahn of Point Arena is in the first graduating class of Pacific Community Charter High School. She will continue to pursue her interests in writing and poetry at Colorado College. At PCCHS, she played a major role in the production of the school's distinguished literary journal.

Mary Scanlon-Hill is a resident of Point Arena and graduates from Mendocino High School. She will enroll in the Culinary Institute of California's intensive course in culinary arts. Already a skilled baker, she will pursue her interests in creative aspects of cookery, baking, and being a pastry chef.

Amanda Hopkins-Pence resides in Stewart's Point. She graduates from Point Arena High School. She will attend University of California, Santa Cruz to major in art with a special interest in illustration. Amanda has spent a year in the Netherlands as an exchange student.

Lindsey Smith is a resident of Annapolis and graduates from Pacific Community Charter High School. She will attend Stanford University to major in English with a concentration in creative writing and Italian. She is a prolific and talented writer of poetry and prose, and has had the distinction of being California's Youth Poet Laureate.

Danielle Spoor of Gualala is a graduate of Pacific Community Charter High School. She is headed for Stanford University where she will pursue her interests in dance, music, and movement therapy.

Jacob Stillman is a resident of Gualala and graduate of Point Arena High School. He will attend California State University, San Francisco where he will major in music and recording arts. He is an accomplished musician with broad interests including jazz performance.

The scholarships go to local students committed to continuing their studies in some field related to the arts. Previous winners engaged in a wide variety of artistic endeavors including theater arts, dance, painting, film, fashion design, and photography.

To help fulfill its mission to promote public interest and participation in the arts, Gualala Arts initiated the scholarship program in 2000. Since its inception twenty-one students have received a total of $22,500 to further develop their artistic talents.

Last year, home-schooled winner Brannon Miller-Klopfer used his scholarship at Stanford where he joined the controversial marching band. In his dorm basement he has discovered a broken piano, which he is restoring. He also plays in a student band, Lord Rocko and The Heat.

His sister, Melinda, who won a scholarship in 2004, studies at Saint John's in Santa Fe. She is resuming ballet activities after recovering from dance related injuries. She is considering graduate studies in choreography at Mills College in Oakland.

2002 Point Arena graduate Hypatia Porter now attends Art Academy University in San Francisco where she is studying filmmaking and photography. Recently she produced the Mark Lappé memorial film video and did a second video of the visit to Gualala by a group of Tibetan monks.

Bryn Harris, from the first group in 2000 has started a professional career in the Performing Arts. She has graduated from both Santa Rosa Junior College and the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in Santa Maria. Working as a graduate guest artist, she currently plays Nancy Sykes in the PCPA production of "Oliver." This summer the play goes to Solvang's outdoor theater. She has also played Babette in "Beauty and the Beast."

Bryn's resume also includes performing in and choreographing the inaugural production in Portland of "One," a rock musical based on Siddhartha, the Herman Hesse novel. She hopes to present a one-woman show in Gualala for LocalEyes, perhaps with the participation of her mother, Jan Harris. For relaxation Bryn paints, mostly in acrylics or watercolors.

This small sampling clearly shows how the scholarship program fulfills the Gualala Arts mission statement. This year's winners received their awards at the annual Senior Honors night on June 6 in the Coleman Auditorium at Gualala Arts.

"What better way," say Shirley and Chester Case, Co-chairs of the Gualala Arts Awards Committee, "to fulfill Gualala Arts' mission than to support the career development of our local talent by first, recognizing and honoring a young person's commitment to a chosen field of art, and second, by helping with the considerable expenses of further study."