Introduction Into Photography

With Instructor Mike Wardynski

In this workshop students will get a history of, and then take a deep dive into photography.


Gualala Arts, Upstairs Classroom

$100 for GA Members, $120 for non-members. Sign up by July 4, 2020.

Registration is now available online.

Photography is so much deeper than just pressing a button. In this workshop we’ll start off by exploring a brief history of photography in order to better understand where we are today.

The class will then take a deep dive into exposure, shooting modes, and camera settings. By the end of the class there will be no reason for you to shot on auto mode ever again!

As a photographer, it is important to understand how light and composition affect your photographs. I’ll deconstruct some of my favorite images so you can learn how to build powerful images of your own.

Bring your camera and tripod if you have one, because we will be doing an exercise to help drive home what we have learned in class.

By the end of the day, you will have all of the tools you need to go out into the world and make great images. As an added bonus, I will be heading to the coast after class to conduct a sunset shoot. Anyone from class is welcome to join me for some in-field instruction.

Recomended Suplies

Camera & Tripod.  A polarizer and neutral density filter are also nice to have but are not required.

About Mike Wardynski

I’m a landscape and travel photographer based out of Oakland California. Although the city is where I live, nature is where I feel at home. Growing up in rural Michigan, I had the desire to travel and document my adventure along the way. 

After graduating with a broadcasting degree and realizing I was a much better photographer than musician, I packed up my van and headed out west to a little park known as Yosemite. There I would spend the next three and a half years working in the wilderness department for The Yosemite Conservancy. It was during those years that I deliberately made the decision to dive headfirst into the photographic rabbit hole for good. While working in the park, I spent much of my time lugging camera gear around the high country and hanging out with my friends at the Ansel Adams Gallery.

I currently reside in the SF Bay Area where I work as a photography instructor. My travels have given me the opportunity to photograph the erupting Kiluaea volcano from air, as well as document dolphins in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve witnessed unbelievable light unfold before me and in an instant disappear. Those are the moments that I live for. I love sharing my passion for photography and nature with others and I’m grateful for the path that has lead me here.

Artist Statement

Nature is at the heart of my work. Not only because it is often my subject, but because it is where I find inspiration. Human beings are spiritually connected to the planet as a whole. Interconnectivity is where the spirit thrives. Through photography, I remind the viewer of their connection to earth. We do not own the planet; we are part of it. It is our responsibility to protect as well as enjoy our environment because it is an extension of ourselves. One cannot harm the environment without harming themselves, just as one cannot heal the environment without healing themselves. Imagery is a powerful tool; I use it to start the conversation of conservation. 

Mike’s website is: Nature

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