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Gualala Arts Workshop
Watercolor Landscapes
Instructor: John Hewitt

Saturday - Sunday
November 15 - 16, 2014
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To register
Call Gualala
Arts Center

Register by:   November 6, 2014; after that, check availability
Tuition:   $125 members; $150 non-members
Materials list:   Watercolor materials

Watercolor by John Hewitt This class will begin with a review of the basics of watercolor as applied to landscape painting and then will progress to cover the elements and principles of design needed to complete a successful work of art.

The focus will be on producing your own unique view of a subject; to produce a work of art and not just a copy of nature.

About the Instructor

John Hewitt was trained in the classical tradition of painting with attention to the elements and principles of design, which are, when followed, most likely to leave artists with good results. John believes an artist distinguishes himself best by doing quality work with technical skill from long practice of their craft. With this goal in mind, he studied with the world's best watercolorists of the previous generation on a regular basis for over 10 years.

To be a truly original artist, one must develop their own ideas and priorities. In John's case this was accomplished by extensive reading of the ideas of great artists of the past. After a gestation time, the style that is recognizable at a glance as his work emerged.

Watercolor by John Hewitt Watercolor is a technique driven medium that is unforgiving, but also capable of great spontaneity and excitement. Contrary to popular belief, the most "loose" watercolors are a result of meticulous planning and forethought. The feeling John wants to portray and how best to accomplish it are roughed out in a sketch. A strong design is a must. Contrast and dominance are essential to capture interest. Line, direction, and shape are planned to fit the idea of the particular painting. A sense of rhythm will attract the emotional response in painting as in music. A color scheme is chosen to fit the mood of the idea. A good painting is always the result of the most successfully planned one.

One also becomes original by one's choice of subject or the view of the subject. There have always been popular subjects and styles for each time in history. The art that endures the test of time is the art that depicts an original approach to a subject or introduces a new idea. John's goal is to attract the eye of the viewer and result in a positive emotional response. Realism is a tight cage to live in although best liked by most. Non-objective painting can have powerful emotional impact, but little intellectual lasting power. John chooses to take what he needs from both sides while scorning neither.

John was awarded 1st Place in the Water Media Awards category at the 2013 Art in the Redwoods Festival for his "Landscape" watercolor, as well as receiving the "Ron's Choice" Judges Award from judge Ron Dammann for his painting "Seascape."

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