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Gualala Arts Workshop
Express the Mind of Paintings
through Expressive Splash Ink
Instructors: Yeh Fei Pai and Kevin Yeh

July 5, 2014
10:00 a.m. - 12 noon
(second session 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
only if morning session is filled)

To register
Call Gualala
Arts Center
Register by:   June 27, 2014; after that, check availability
Tuition:   $40 members; $45 non-members
Materials:   Fei Pai Art Studio will provide Shuen paper, ink, a brush,and a ceramic plate for each
student. We will collect the unused ink, brushes and ceramic plates at the end of the class.

The Five, painting by Yeh Fei Pai
Yeh Fei Pai's Celestial Horse Art Exhibit

at Gualala Arts Center opens on Friday, July 4, 2014.

Instructor Statement

Foundation of Chinese ink work and concept is to present the mind of the painter. Through my close encounters with nature, I appreciate the philosophy of "Harmony between Humanity and Nature." This philosophy has become the spirit of my Celestial Horse Art.

Class consists of the following:

  1. Fei Pai's Expressive Splash Ink
    • Creation of the style -- calligraphic roots to the subject matters
    • Incorporate modern visual concepts
    • Painting instruments and medium -- brush, ink stone & shuen paper

  2. Theory and techniques
    • Use the relationship of the main subject horse and the background landscape to express the philosophy and mind of the drawings
    • Express the concept of void

  3. Hands-on painting lesson

Painting workshop led by Yeh Fei Pai & Kevin Yeh

About the instructors

Yeh Fei Pai
Born in 1950. Yeh Fei Pai is an accomplished "Expressive Splash Ink" painter who hails from Taiwan. He blends distinct calligraphic strokes with modern, cinematic principles to create unique and unpredictable compositions for his Celestial Horses.

Fei Pai's Celestial Horses and landscapes are the personifications of his mind and emotions. He returns to Gualala as part of his mission of educating communities through arts and to share his latest creations.

Eric Kevin Yeh - son of Yeh Fei Pai
Born in 1984. From a young age, Kevin has struggled with the duality of being culturally American and Chinese. The inheritance of his family's art allows him to transcend language and bridge between the two cultures.

A former biologist turned designer, he emerged not as a left or right brained person, but a whole brain person.

Co-published, with Amy Inn, "Yeh Fei Pai's Celestial Horses."

For more information, visit

The Listener, painting by Yeh Fei Pai

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