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Gualala Arts Workshop
Garden Sculpture with Darjit
Instructor: Jennifer McGee

Friday - Sunday
June 28 - 30
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Darjit sculpture
Register by:   June 14, 2013
Tuition:   $230 members; $265 non-members
Materials fee:   $15 to $60 depending on size
Materials list:   Darjit materials

Create beautiful sculptural art and participate in the power of recycling cultural waste using Darjit, an innovative architectural sculpting compound made primarily from recycled paper and clay.

In a supportive environment we'll explore 3D design, learn armature building techniques and flesh out our sculptural visions. Students begin with their design ideas and progress to forming the frame for the sculpture using a wire netting armature or a recycled form armature using such things as old metal frames, chairs, furniture or Styrofoam packaging.

Darjit sculpture Our hands and hearts will bring the power of our vision alive as we sculpt the final shape with the aesthetically pleasing Darjit plaster - a plaster compound a bit like clay in texture, versatile and very easy to use (see below for a further explanation). A wide variety of finishing effects can be achieved with Darjit including embedded mosaic patterns, impressed patterns, textured finishes and hand crafted fine details. There are endless possibilities of what you can make.

So, come with an idea or two and you can complete a sculpture to take home. We will supply the mesh, steel, welded wire, netting, lathe, coloring and Darjit. The fee for the materials will be worked out at the end: usually $15 - $60 depending on size.

You can check the websites to see what has previously been created: or

About Darjit

Darjit is a 100% recycled plaster product and environmentally friendly. It is clay-like in texture, user friendly, light weight when dry, and fantastic for elegant large scale work such as statues, garden walls and planters, columns and seating, outdoor kitchens, fire places, wood fired ovens, and organically shaped living spaces. Its unique applications as a sculpting compound or finish plaster in a variety of thicknesses allows the artist to achieve an organic adobe look, round corners, niches, arches, gateways, or whatever one can imagine. By the virtue of its flexibility, recycled and natural elements, and broad application of use, it is an ideal material for the artist or natural builder. For more information, see Brent Sumner's Darjit booklet.

About the Instructor

Jennifer McGee, aka "Darjitqueen," is an artist who has designed and sculpted with Darjit for about 8 years. She is turning her home into a Darjit showcase house. She has been creating art since as long as she can remember. Her first memory of creativity was when she was about 5 years old, playing in the creek where she would take the clay from its banks and create sculptures with it. Over the years she has used many different media and continues to increase her knowledge and skill of her craft. McGee has been a featured artist on the D.I.Y. Network T.V. show Turf Wars, episode Catfish Haven vs. Bachelor Crib. She has also exhibited at the Mendocino Art Center, Oakland Institute of Mosaic Arts and San Francisco Flower & Garden Show and she has private installations and workshops throughout Northern California.

See also: Gualala Arts Workshop Registration, Payment & Cancellation Policy.

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