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Gualala Arts Workshop
No Rules - Brushless Painting
with Venetian Plaster
Instructor: Jane Head

Saturday - Sunday
November 3 - 4, 2012
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To register
Call Gualala
Arts Center

Painting by Jane Head
Register by:   October 22, 2012
Tuition:   $125 Members;
$140 Non-members
Materials fee:   $60
Materials list:   Brushless Painting materials

This is the fourth time this wonderful class has been offered. Take it again or come for the first time and find out what all the fun and learning is about.

The artist will demonstrate brushless painting techniques on venetian plaster using common workshop tools, kitchen utensils and other texturizing implements. Processes will include using acrylic glazes and other media, stencils, sponges, sandpaper, your own hand.

Painting by Jane Head No rules apply here and we'll give you lots of new avenues to approach painting on prepared plywood substrates. The hands-on sessions will supply the outlet for your new knowledge and the two new paintings you will complete during the two-day period.

About the Instructor

Jane Head has been painting on walls for 25 years using rags, sponges, graining tools, floggers (I'll bring one to the workshop), plastic, newspaper, tissue, and all manner of tools, paints, textures and glazes to get an effect.

Since living on the coast, she has experimented with even more obscure tools and products just to see what if? The effects are amazing and simple (well some are!). She now paints on very large solid core panels with everything in the kitchen and the kitchen sink!!

See her local artist profile with images at the Gualala Arts website.

See also: Gualala Arts Workshop Registration, Payment & Cancellation Policy.

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