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Gualala Arts Workshop
Fast Piece Appliqué
Instructor: Rose Hughes

May 19, 2011
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Fast Piece Appliqué
Register by:   May 5, 2011
Tuition:   Members of Gualala Arts and PPQG: $60
Members of Gualala Arts  or   PPQG: $70
Non-members: $75
Materials list:   Fast Piece Appliqué materials list

Fast, furious, and fantastic! In just a day together you'll learn the secret of using machine piecing and appliqué in combination to simplify complicated curves and circles, and get the perfect results you crave in your quilts. But why limit ourselves?! Let's also explore how to layer your work with a wide variety of colorful, unique and unusual embellishments - the kind that say YOU in your quilts, your unique signature pieces. You will take home a creative appliqué piece underway, and a mind filled with new ideas and techniques to apply in future projects.

About Rose Hughes

I'm a California girl. Just one that grew up and was educated in warm, sunny Florida . It was in Florida that I studied art and design before visiting the Golden State in the early 1980s. During those early visits I knew I was hooked and soon I made the move permanently. California is filled with natural wonders at every turn that offered unending opportunities for discovery, so camera in hand I set off for adventure and to record many newfound wonders. There were trips around town to favorite landmarks, hiking in the local mountains, weekend excursions to coastal towns with incredible beaches, and visits to wondrous state and national parks.

Fast Piece Appliqué While I had always loved textiles it wasn't until the early 1990s, while I was off exploring, that quilting found me. After that first encounter it was only a matter of months before my darkroom came down as I made room for my sewing machine, and I focused my artwork on quilting. Around 1996 I began to lecture and teach nationally, and exhibit my quiltworks internationally. Today I continue to work as a fiber artist from my Signal Hill, California, studio.

Inspiration for my quiltart is drawn from my love of the ever-changing hills that make up our landscape, and from the ravens that mirror and mock this region's boisterous, and sometimes crazy human residents. Watching ravens, I see how they live and weave their lives among us. Keeping an eye on us, laughing at us, they point to a layer of life that often goes unnoticed.

Poet Mary Oliver refers to these rowdy creatures as "an advertisement for the more than ordinary life." By allowing myself to experiment with materials, techniques, and color my works are attempts to express our always wondrous, always changing landscape.

Fast Piece Appliqué In my work I use the idea of layers to transform fabric. I began by creating a layer of strong structural shapes that are important for their initial impact on the senses, and the suggestion they give of the landscape.

Like a raven, stealing and hoarding the 'shiny objects,' I embellish the areas of the base quilt canvas. I use handspun yarns to create strong lines to highlight each shape, and I add whimsy, texture, and sparkle by using a variety of glass beads and magical, shiny found objects. These embellishments used in combination with hand painted, hand dyed fabrics, imported silks and selected textural layers bring each original piece to life.

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