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Gualala Arts Workshop
Music is Your Birthright
Instructor: Marjie Van Gunten

March 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2011
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

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Marjie Van Gunten
Register by:   February 22, 2011
Tuition:   Members: $75
Non-members: $90

This workshop is an opportunity to reconnect with the musician in each of us and is intended for those who think they are "unmusical" as well as those who want to re-experience music in a new way.

Participants can expect some gentle movement as a way to discover the inner musician. Topics covered will include: Singing is your birthright; You've got rhythm; and Demystifying musical notation.

More info:

  • Singing is your birthright - America is not a singing culture so many of us grew up thinking that singing was for the "talented." In this workshop we will discover the singer within and develop skill in singing in tune.

  • You've got rhythm - Whether toe tapping or dancing, it all comes down to the beat. We will learn to recognize and internalize common rhythm patterns.

  • Demystifying musical notation - Music is not the score; the score is merely a means of communicating a musical experience. Learn the basics of decoding those dots and lines and how this system came to be the standard for western music.

About the instructor

Marjie Van Gunten's training includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in music - but more importantly, many years of experience learning from her students as they discover the joy that comes through a relaxed and comfortable approach to learning the language of music. Her training in music education includes Orff Schulwerk certification in music and movement.

She has been a frequent presenter at music educator conferences and professional development workshops and has authored two books and numerous journal articles about the practice of teaching music. She taught music at the college level for 20 years and recently retired from 40 years of teaching children and adults. She now sings with the birds and dances to the rhythm of the waves.

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