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Gualala Arts Workshop
An Introduction to the Elements &
Principles of Design (PPQG)
Instructor: Liz Berg

September 15, 2010
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Register by:   September 1, 2010
Tuition:   Members of Gualala Arts and PPQG: $65
Members of Gualala Arts  or   PPQG: $80
Non-members: $100

(Take both Berg workshops and get a $10 discount)
Materials list:   Design materials list

Liz Berg will lead a workshop entitled
Color: How to Make an 'Oh Wow' Quilt
on Thursday, September 16, 2010

Circles This one day class will get you started in understanding some basic composition ideas utilizing the elements and principles of design. We will not be covering the element of color in this class as it is a class by itself. Students will work through various mockups of the elements using scraps of fabric and gluing them on to 4 x 6 index cards. The work will be primarily abstract.

About Liz Berg

Liz Berg was raised in a Naval officer's family and, as a consequence, traveled and lived throughout the United States and Japan. Four years spent in Japan profoundly affected her. After attending Trinity University, where her work resides in their permanent collection, Liz transferred to the University of California at Berkeley. With the reality that she had to have a supporting career, Liz completed her degree in Social Welfare and spent twenty-nine years working with the Alameda County Probation Department. Upon retiring in October, 1999, she began her new career in art full time, having continued working in various media through the intervening years.

California Dreaming In 1971, Liz started making quilts. However, she began diverging from traditional quilts to explore color and composition in more abstract works. She now considers herself a fiber artist rather than a quilt maker, although many pieces still fit the original definition of "quilt," i.e., a top, a middle and a backing all held together with stitching. Using a sewing machine as her pen, Liz has completed "watercolor wash" landscapes. She paints and dyes fabrics, both to sell and to use in her own work, and is exploring all the variations of working on and with fiber.

Working out of a studio in her home she shares with her husband, she is producing a large body of work which is varied in its color and design ideas. Her work celebrates line, movement and color. Liz works intuitively in the format of abstract expressionism with nature as her inspiration.

She has taken numerous awards at local and national venues. Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and Japan, and in the permanent collections at the Honolulu Academy of Art and Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

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