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Gualala Arts Workshop
Introduction to Argentine Tango
Instructors: Raquel Mashiach & Walter Stillman

March 23 - April 27, 2010
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.


Register by:   March 9, 2010
Tuition:   $75 members; $90 non-members

Introduction to Argentine Tango, with Raquel Mashiach & Walter Stillman Argentine tango is the archetypical partners dance, the distillation of male and female energy, art in motion. Born in the barrios and brothels of Buenos Aires over a hundred years ago, tango eventually emerged into mainstream culture becoming wildly popular by the 1940's.

In this class participants will be indoctrinated into the basics of this social dance. Partnerships are recommended, dancers will exchange partners as well. To learn tango is like learning a language, a language of the body. In six weeks students will learn some basic vocabulary and be exposed to a variety of tango music. Dancers will be encouraged to practice by attending some of the weekly dances held in Point Arena, Elk and Caspar or Santa Rosa.

Often caricatured as a cheek to cheek straight armed march across the floor, the real tango is more elegantly rotational and full-bodied. In recent years tango has been rediscovered and recognized as a discipline as much as a dance. Some tango dancers refer to the dance as their "practice," others call it their addiction. Like the Argentines themselves, tango is intimate and passionate. The roles for men and women are distinct and also reflect the sensibilities of these people who value the essential energetic differences of men and women. It is an intoxicating blend for North Americans and the rest of the world who have embraced tango whole heartedly.

Introduction to Argentine Tango, with Raquel Mashiach & Walter Stillman Raquel Mashiach & Walter Stillman met in Point Arena in '85 and together have created a homestead with solar and hydro electricity and extensive fruit and vegetable gardens. They discovered tango 7 years ago and have pursued it with a passion. They have traveled to Argentina as well as various cities around Mexico and the US dancing and studying with many of the masters of tango. They have been teaching classes in Point Arena for two years and more recently have been teaching in Elk and Fort Bragg. They had a very successful workshop last year at Gualala Arts Center. They are students of the dance as much as teachers and feel that the learning is never finished. It is a lifetime endeavor.

Introduction to Argentine Tango, with Raquel Mashiach & Walter Stillman Introduction to Argentine Tango, with Raquel Mashiach & Walter Stillman

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