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Gualala Arts Workshop
The Value of Value
Instructor: Cathryn Zeleny

September 17, 2009
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Cathryn Zeleny: The Value of Values
Register by:   August 10, 2009
Tuition:   Members of Gualala Arts and PPQG: $50
Members of Gualala Arts  or   PPQG: $65
Non-members: $75

This class concentrates on using value to make simple objects appear realistically three-dimensional.

Students will learn how to interpret a photograph as a nine-step value gradation and make it into a fused mini-quilt. There will be a demonstration on dividing a fabric stash into a nine-step value scale and another on fusing as an appliqué method.

Participants have three choices for the in-class time: to make a quilt from the instructor's patterns, to practice making patterns from the instructor's photographs, or to bring their own photographs with which to make their own design patterns.

Materials List

Note: General instruction for this class will result in a fused quilt top, no sewing machine is needed.

Iron: Teflon-coated or a Teflon protective mat or cover, if you have either.
Ironing surface
Extension cord and power strip
Scotch tape
Fabric scissors, thread scissors (to use on fabric), and paper scissors.
Small see-through ruler, and an 18" plus ruler, if you have one.
Cutting mat and rotary cutter
Value finder and a reducing glass, if you have them.

Pellon Wonder-Under, regular weight, at least two yards. Check it before purchase: the web should adhere well to the paper and should not be torn or stiff at the edges. Keep it wrapped in a plastic bag. Please do not bring other brands. (I will have some for sale.)

Cotton batting 18" X 22"
Backing fabric in a color that might match your quilt top, 18" X 22"
(And, if you want to make a pattern) Pen, soft-lead pencil, sharpener, eraser. A Sharpie marker is essential, black, extra fine. A white pencil, 2-4 sheets plain paper.

Cathryn Zeleny: The Value of Values INSPIRATION: You may work from one of the five patterns that I will bring to class. But, I suggest that you bring your own subject matter. You will need a good photo of a single 3-D object that is mostly monochromatic, for instance: pear, boat, adobe building, cactus, etc. It should have good value contrasts of light and dark, but not a lot of cast shadows. The best method is a digital photo, changed to black-and-white on the computer and printed as large as possible on an accurate printer. Then, use a true-value Xerox (Kinko's, Office Depot, Staples) to enlarge the photo onto 11" x 17" paper (or larger) so that the image touches the sides (you may have to adjust the light/dark setting to get a readable enlargement). I suggest 3 or more different photos done this way to ensure you have something that will work for the class.

See also: Gualala Arts Workshop Registration, Payment & Cancellation Policy.

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