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Gualala Arts Workshop
Living into Art:
Journeys Through Collage
Instructor: Lindsay Whiting

February 28, 2009
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Scream: Lindsay Whiting
The Scream: Lindsay Whiting
Register by:   February 14, 2009
Tuition:   $75 members; $85 non-members
Materials:   At least 5-7 magazines/calendars
with varied images. Pre-cut images OK

Create successful and satisfying artwork with cut-magazine collage. Instructor Lindsay Whiting outlines a unique process pioneered in Sonoma, California that can be used for self-expression, activating imagination, and inner growth.

The Sonoma Collage Studio method is not the usual "technique and critique" of learning a new art form, but a process where artists hang their collages after creating them to engage with the work. How are you connected to your art? What are you trying to say? The process you'll learn in this workshop provides a direct and powerful way of approaching our inner worlds and engaging imagination by combining the art of collage with the art of dialogue.

What we want to do is create a flow between different levels of the psyche to learn more about who we are as individuals. The images and archetypes we work with are universal, but they combine in unlimited combinations, to inform each of us in a very personal way.

Reflection: Lea Alboher
Reflection: Lea Alboher
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Barbara Jacobsen
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Barbara Jacobsen

About Lindsay Whiting

Lindsay Whiting is the author of Living into Art, Journeys Through Collage. With a background in journalism and publishing, Whiting was inspired to write the book through her own experience of collaging at the Sonoma Collage Studio over a period of six years. She will demonstrate how collage can be healing and rewarding, even for people with little or no art background.

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