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Gualala Arts Workshop
Italian for Beginners
Instructor: Mark Moramarco

October 8 - December 17, 2008
7:15 - 9:15 p.m.

Flag of Italy

Flag of Italy
Tuition:  $40 members; $50 non-members
Materials:  Textbook "Italian Now" by Marcel Davesi, $16.95
Class size:  maximum 20

Begin or continue your journey of Italian culture and language with this Italian for Beginners workshop series.

Build your vocabulary and learn the basics of Italian grammar, pronunciation, verbs and Italian conversation. Whether you are planning a trip to Italy, you are a lover of opera, a fan of the Italian cinema, or you love the sound of the spoken language, this course will provide an introduction and overview that will enhance and add delight to your cultural experience. In addition to language study, cultural 'snapshots' will be presented on Italian art, Italian pop culture, music, and Italian cooking!

The purpose of this course is to have fun while learning Italian. At the beginning of the course students will learn and apply the rules for pronunciation and begin building Italian vocabulary. Each lesson will incrementally build on the previous and include conversational expression, grammar, practice exercises and cultural notes.

Gnocchi Gnocchi In addition, the workshop series will include a session on Italian Cooking - we will actually make Gnocchi, a favorite Italian dish, a session on Italian pop music and finally, we will look at the influences of Sandro Botticelli on renaissance art.

The course is mostly presented in Italian in an interactive format with English spoken only as a means to facilitate learning and understanding. Students will be encouraged to participate, ask questions, make mistakes and have fun. Several tips on language immersion and helpful supplementary materials will be provided.

The course is taught by Mark Moramarco, an intermediate/advanced student of Italian and lover of the Italian language and his desire to continue developing his proficiency in Italian. Mark studied Italian with the Italian Cultural Center in San Diego, where he served on the board for four years. Mark has also studied privately and has traveled throughout Italy.

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