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Gualala Arts Culinary Guild

Gualala Arts Workshop
Culinary Guild:
Cooking Classes

Multiple instructors

Thursdays, April 3 - May 1, 2008
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Members of Gualala Arts and Culinary Guild:  
Members of Gualala Arts:
$15 / class;     $60 for series
$25 / class;   $100 for series
$35 / class;   $140 for series
Class size: maximum 12

Gualala Arts Culinary Guild April 3: Trinks Chocolate class. A fun and delicious classes. This class was a hit the last time it was given.

April 10: Pat Chaban demonstrating Roulade, sweet and savory. This will be a great class to learn how to 'wow' your guests. We will be making a soufflé-type mixture that is baked and then spread with a filling, rolled up, sliced and served.

April 17: Jim Grenwelge will give a demonstration on how to prepare 'Small Plates.' He will expose you to the latest technique of serving guests.

April 24: Barbara Dunsmoor will present Baklava. A great Greek desert you can impress you guests with.

May 1: Mona Khanna with Indian Cuisine. A fine tradition you can use often. This will be a fun and interesting class.

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