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Gualala Arts Workshop
The Sounding Body:
Breath Meditations and Vocal Expressions
Instructor: Jamie McHugh

February 3, 2007
12:00 noon to 5:30 p.m.

The Sounding Body, with Jamie McHugh
Register by:   January 20, 2007
Tuition:   $75 members; $85 non-members
# Students:   minimum 8; maximum 20
Materials:   Blanket or sitting cushion for floor

"Express yourself completely, then keep quiet." - Tao te Ching

Breathing is the primary movement of the body, integrating all parts into a coherent whole. Sound is the exhale externalized and brought to life with vibration, creating different brainwave frequencies and extraordinary states of body/mind.

In this workshop, you will explore specific breath and vibratory sound practices to enliven your body and quiet your mind. This personal inquiry with breath and sound is designed to give you more choices for sensing, feeling and expressing your inner landscape, and easier access to deep states of stillness. No experience necessary. Please bring a blanket for the floor, a sitting cushion and a snack for the break.

The Sounding Body, with Jamie McHugh The Sounding Body is one of my favorite workshops to share with a group of people. I have offered this workshop numerous times in the Bay Area, and in Ireland, Switzerland and Germany. The soundscapes created by groups are rich in textures and overtones, and the depths of experience that can be accessed in such a short time are always impressive to me. Given that we live in such breathless times, it is gratifying to spend some time together slowing down and "enjoying our breath."

More about me: I have been teaching movement-based work for over twenty-five years, and have created a body of work called "Somatic Expression." I have been on faculty at John F Kennedy University since 1991 and at Tamalpa Institute since 1988 in the Bay Area, and have been teaching in Europe annually since 1995.

Additional information is on my website