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Gualala Arts Workshop
Creativity for Klutzes
Instructor: Libby Lehman

Wednesday - Thursday
February 14 - 15, 2007
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Creativity for Klutzes, with Libby Lehman
Register by:   January 15, 2007
Tuition:   $130 members of Gualala Arts and PPQG
$150 members of Gualala Arts  or   PPQG
$175 non-members
Class size:   minimum 14; maximum 20
Materials:   Download the supply list
Classes require a zig-zag sewing machine
and knowledge of using it.

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Learn how to turn it into a groove. After some simple and fun exercises, students will create a small quilt top using a variety of techniques.

Artist's Statement

Making quilts is an utter joy for me. Though parts of the process can be tedious, the product is always worth the effort. I cannot imagine not making quilts. They are an integral part of my life. The making of quilts is woven through my days in much the same way as reading, sleeping or visiting with friends. Having a home studio allows me to work for 5 minutes or for hours on end. I like the freedom to come and go, to work in spurts or for longer periods as I choose. What a luxury! I work on one quilt at a time, from start to finish ("finish" means the slides are taken and in the notebook). This discipline helps me to focus in on each quilt as a distinct entity. It also cuts down on the clutter, both literally and figuratively. Part of my creative process involves an ongoing dialogue with my quilts; too many voices trying to talk at once would be distracting. It usually takes from a few days to a month to complete a quilt.

Being a studio art quilt maker has given me experiences and opportunities I would never have had otherwise. I am very grateful for the chance to share my quilts with others in the hope that they will touch a chord somewhere in kindred souls.

PPQG Demo / Lecture
Friday, February 16, 12:30 p.m.

Libby Lehman is giving a demo / lecture for
Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild members.
PPQG members are free, others $5.

Biographical Information

Creativity for Klutzes, with Libby Lehman Libby Lehman began making quilts 34 years ago when her mother, Catherine Anthony, signed them up for a basic class. Over the years she has evolved from a traditional handworker to one of the leaders in innovative machine stitching. Her studio art quilts have won many awards and appear in private, corporate, and museum collections, including VISA International, Fairfield Processing Corporation and Cogen Technologies.

She is the author of Threadplay with Libby Lehman (That Patchwork Place, 1997) and her quilts have appeared in many books and international publications.

Her quilt Joy Ride was chosen as one of the Best 100 American Quilts of the 20th Century. In addition to making quilts, most of her time is spent teaching, judging & lecturing in the US as well as internationally (Japan, Australia, the UK, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, and Switzerland).

Libby lives in Houston, Texas, her native city, with her husband, Lester. They have a 34-year-old son, Les, Jr., who is an acclaimed fly fisherman. Libby and Les have a great time exchanging threads and gadgets.

To see examples of Libby's quilts, go to her website: