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Gualala Arts Workshop
Packing - Quick & Easy
Instructor: Dorothy Ruef

May 13, 2006
9:00am - 12:00 noon

Packing - Quick & Easy Pre-registration preferred, will permit drop-ins

Tuition: $15 members, $20 non-members;
free for registered 2006 Swiss Trekkers

Maximum: 100 students

Planning a trip? If you're going for a week, a month, a year - or just a weekend - here is the class that shows you exactly what you need to take... or not.

Former SwissTrek leader and world traveler Dorothy Ruef is presenting "Packing Quick & Easy," her immensely popular three-hour travel class again. She presents a lighthearted discussion and demonstration of how to pack a single bag for anywhere, short of the moon.

Ruef's tips guide both new and seasoned travelers in paring down to the essentials; packing quickly and wrinkle-free; overcoming jet lag; personal safety on the road; and the ever-present dilemma, "What about shoes?" Attendees receive a re-usable checklist of exactly what to include in a single bag that is light enough to carry anywhere while containing everything needed.

Refreshments - light, of course - will be served. Pre-registration is appreciated. For more information, contact the instructor at