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Gualala Arts Workshop
Dyeing for Shibori
Instructor: Joy-Lily

Saturday - Sunday
March 25 - 26, 2006
10:00am - 4:00pm

Dyeing for Shibori Tuition: $150 members; $175 non-members
Materials: $20

Pressure-resist is probably the oldest method of dyeing pattern into fabric. It is used around the world, called by different names: In Japan it is called shibori, in Indonesia pelangi, in India banda, in South America amarras, in Nigeria onikon, and in the U.S tie and dye. There is much more to it than tying though!

Dyeing for Shibori We'll experiment with stitching, wrapping, pleating, binding, and clamping, bunching, folding and knotting on natural fiber fabrics. When we put the cloth in a dyebath, little or no color will get into the tightly compressed areas. Unwrap your work to reveal surprising patterns. Then we'll re-wrap the fabric and dye it in another color. Keep going until the result is fabulous. We'll also paint the dye directly onto wrapped fabrics for a completely different look. No previous art ability is necessary to create wild and wonderful fabric and clothes by the simple yet sophisticated process called shibori.

Joy-Lily is a textile artist who has been dyeing fabric by pressure-resist methods since 1994. Her art has been published and exhibited internationally.

Bring white or light colored clothing and/or fabric made of cotton, silk, linen, hemp or challis type rayon. Avoid blends like cotton/polyester. Synthetic fibers will not take the dye. Also bring large size rubber gloves, a waterproof apron, 5 gallon plastic bucket or large basin and plastic bags.