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Local Eyes presents:
The Tristan Codas

Friday, September 26, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.
Gualala Arts Center
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The Tristan Codas Gualala Arts Local Eyes will present "The Tristan Codas" on Friday, September 26, 8:00 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m.) at the Gualala Arts Center, the premiere of a new work by Paces, the collaborative company of Lucinda Weaver, dancer / choreographer, and Alan Bern, poet.

The evening length piece includes music from the Austrian composer, Klaus Ager, and live saxophone by Harrison Goldberg.

More about Alan Bern

Alan Bern had a book of poems, No no the saddest, published by Daniel & Daniel Publishers in March 2004. A new book of poems, Waterwalking in Berkeley, was released by Daniel & Daniel Publishers in Spring 2007. Besides working on poems and stories for his own books, Alan also translates poems from Italian into English, including Dante, Leopardi, and Montale.

Alan took part in a Memorial for 9/11 in Orta San Giulio, Lago d'Orta, in September 2002, and in 2003 he performed with dancer Lucinda Weaver at LA RADA in Locarno, Switzerland, and in Orta San Giulio, Lago d'Orta, Italy. Alan and Lucinda returned to Orta San Giulio to perform new pieces along with Barbara Villanova in September 2006 as part of the 6th Poetry on the Lake Competition, Awards and Festival, Gabriel Griffin, Director.

His most recent poetry readings have taken place in libraries, museums, cafés, and bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area where he has performed in collaboration with the dancer Lucinda Weaver. Alan can be reached at or 510-684-0931.

More about Lucinda Weaver

Lucinda Weaver began dancing as a young child in Berkeley, California. Lucinda danced with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company after studying with David Wood at UC Berkeley and in New York City, then continued to the present as a solo performer / choreographer, for many years living and performing in the Middle East and in Europe.

In 2000, Lucinda was a guest artist with the Swiss dance company, Danza, performing at the Swiss Expo. For the past several years, Lucinda and Alan Bern have been performing as Paces both in America and Europe. Their performance venues include bookstores, museums, libraries, cafés and piazzas along with more traditional spaces.

Lucinda is on the faculty of Scuola Dimitri, a university for the performing arts in Switzerland, traveling there annually to teach and perform. She is also a physical therapist and provides physical therapy for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company when they are on tour. She now lives in Gualala.

Ticket prices:     Adult:         $12 advance, $3 more day of performance
Ages 7-17:   $8 advance, $2 more day of performance

For advance credit card purchase, go to Brown Paper Tickets or call them at 800-838-3006. To purchase by cash or check, visit the Gualala Arts Center or the Dolphin Gallery in Gualala.

The Tristan Codas

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Tristan Codas: Lucinda Weaver
Lucinda Weaver

The Tristan Codas: Alan Bern
Alan Bern

The Tristan Codas: Harrison Goldberg
Harrison Goldberg

The Tristan Codas
video - September 2008

The Tristan Codas
video slideshow - September 2008

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