with the Pollinators
Saturday, May 28, 2005 at 7:30pm

Switchville What does "Switchville" mean to you? If you answer "the swimming hole just down the road from Gualala Arts Center," you are one notch above those who pronounce "Gualala" with a "W." If you say "an old train station near the Green Bridge," you are a local historian. If you reply, "a hang out on a summer night," you probably grew up in the area. If you say "Gualala's very own rock and roll band," you are hip to the local music scene.

Emphasizing the music of the 60's and 70's, Switchville consists of four musicians. Steve May plays drums and provides vocals when he is not running Surf Super. Rich Thomure on guitar and Jim Iversen on bass also sing. Gary Bluhm shows his uncanny ability to play all styles as lead guitarist.

The questionable press release provided by the band claims that they are returning home after a successful world tour begun in 2003. The unquestionable fact is that the group formed during a backyard deck party at the Iversen's home and has been well received every time they've performed locally.

Switchville introduces a new musical series for the Gualala Arts Center called "LocalEyes." LocalEyes wants to promote home- grown talent and supplement the current Concert and Sea Tones series. Hopefully, Local Eyes will appeal to an audience that has not been attracted to other programs.

The inaugural concert kicks off Memorial Day weekend, the evening of May 28, with "The Pollinators" opening the show beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance at either the GAC office or at The Dolphin. Tickets are also available at the door, which opens at 7 p.m. What better way to start summer than a dance concert complete with a no-host bar!

LocalEyes wants to encourage all forms of music by local talent at the Arts Center. Chairperson Don Krieger is anxious to hear from other gifted performers and groups from the Mendonoma Coast. Those interested in more information may call him at 785-2684 or contact him via email at dkrieger@starband.net. The one hard and fast rule is that the performers must be local.