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Gualala Arts Lecture Series presents:
Photos of Africa

with Lynne & Jim Edwards

Monday, June 12, 7:00 pm
$5 donation requested

Climb the Impenetrable Forest of Uganda, Drive though Kenya and Walk the Bush in Botswana

Photos of Africa, with Lynne & Jim Edwards Please join Jim and Lynne Edwards on June 12, 2006, at the Gualala Arts Center, as they share their experiences and photographs of a recent trip to Africa.

They begin their journey in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of Western Uganda which is home to about 300 Mountain Gorillas - roughly half of the world's population. Their trip then takes them to Northern Kenya in Samburu and driving south, they travel through the Aberdare Mountains, into the Rift Valley, stopping at Lake Nakuru and onto the Masai Mara. Leaving Kenya they travel to Victoria Falls in Zambia and finally into Botswana where one of their stops will be with Doug and Sandy Groves and their 3 very large "children" - Jabu, Morula, and Thembi - 3 beautiful elephants that the Groves saved from culling efforts and have lived with for over 15 years. Jim and Lynne spend 2 days walking the bush with the Groves and "the children" and will share what it is like to be up close and personal with 3 wild elephants.

Photos of Africa, with Lynne & Jim Edwards Jim and Lynne have been full-time residents of Sea Ranch for the past five years and recently sold their business in Gualala, Artsea Gallery and Framing. They said, "They were working too hard and not traveling enough". They love to travel, but truly enjoy coming back home to this beautiful coast. The Edwards' take trips that allow them to be in the presence of nature and various wildlife. Lynne is an avid wildlife photographer, while Jim enjoys capturing the moments on video. So together, they are able to tell a story about their travels and share in a way that allows other people to re-live their travels with them. You will enjoy seeing still photographs and video of their trip and a DVD that captures the incredible wildlife of Africa. The presentation will begin at 7:00 PM at the Gualala Arts Center.

Photos of Africa, with Lynne & Jim Edwards Travel with Jim and Lynne as they climb one of the densest forests in the world and trek for over 4 hours just to reach a habituated gorilla group. Once the group is found, the Ugandan guide is very strict in limiting the viewing to one hour to visit these incredible animals in their natural habitat. There are only 3 habituated groups currently in Bwindi and there is no guarantee that your trekking efforts will reach any one of them. However, both days afforded the Edwards some time with these magnificent primates. There are no words to describe what it is like to be only 10-15 feet away from a huge silverback gorilla looking right into your eyes. You sense the incredible intelligence and feelings these animals have.

Leaving Uganda, they drive the countryside of Kenya, where the roads are challenging, but abundant with village life and undulating tea farms. They travel through the Aberdare Mountains, which is at the western shoulder of Mt. Kenya and cross the equator - yes, the water does go in both directions. After passing through the Aberdare Mountains, they descend into the Rift Valley and arrive at Lake Nakuru, where there are so many flamingos that the entire lake looks pink. The flamingos come to Lake Nakuru, not to mate but to dance and promenade with each other in preparation for mating - which will take place elsewhere.

Photos of Africa, with Lynne & Jim Edwards The last destination in Kenya was the Masai Mara where the camp was in the north western corner of the Mara. It is said that the Mara holds the greatest and most diverse concentration of wildlife anywhere on the continent. The migration of the wildebeest and zebras had taken a small break, but there was an abundance of other wildlife to observe - birds, large prides of lions, cheetahs, elephants, and numerous types of antelope.

The Edwards did have the pleasure of meeting one of the Mara's more famous cheetahs - Kiki - who was taught by her mother to find high ground for safety and hunting. High ground to Kiki is defined by the hoods and roofs of some bush vehicles - and Jim and Lynne experienced first hand being up close and personal with a cheetah.

There was a short stay in Zambia on the Zambezi River with Victoria Falls only a short distance from camp. The Falls are one of the 7 Wonders of the World and have been called the greatest waterfall in the world.

The final destination led to three different reserves in Botswana. The Edwards found themselves on the border of Chobe National Park, where they scouted for leopards, lions, and the elusive wild dog. Photos of Africa, with Lynne & Jim Edwards They also spent time in the Jao Reserve, in the Okavango Delta, which has a huge population of elephants this time of year and the remarkable red lechwe. The true highlight of Botswana was Stanley's Camp situated in a private concession where they spent 2 days with Doug and Sandy Groves that have dedicated their lives to the well-being of 3 wild elephants they saved from culling efforts. The Groves spend 12 hours a day walking in the bush with their elephants - Jabu, Morula, and Thembi - and basically go where the elephants want to go. We enjoyed being so close to these 3 incredible animals and followed them through thick bush, into the mud and other various water ways while they bathed and played. It was truly a most unique experience.

Please join Jim and Lynne for their incredible journey to one of the most fascinating continents in the world.

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