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Gualala Arts Lecture Series presents:
Journey to the Land of the Ice Bear

- Steve Gadol

Monday, May 22, 7:30 pm
$5 donation requested

Steve Gadol Svalbard, a remote archipelago above Norway and about 600 miles from the North Pole, is the setting for Steve Gadol's presentation "Journey to the Land of the Ice Bear", Monday, May 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Ice Bear - Steve Gadol Ice flows along the southeast cost of the main island, Spitzbergen, are a major habitat for polar bears (the Norwegians call them ice bears), walrus, seals and vast colonies of nesting birds. The High Arctic is one of the most amazing destinations on our planet. It is full of paradoxes: from the North Pole there is no east or west, in summer the sun never sets, and in winter the sun disappears and the stars don't rise or set with the Earth's rotation.

In July of last year, Steve and his wife Jeanne went there to photograph the amazing wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Mr. Gadol's presentation "Journey to the Land of the Ice Bear" traces their voyage aboard the National Geographic ship Endeavor as it circumnavigated Spitzbergen Island.

Ship - Steve Gadol Deep fjords, mountains and massive sheets of ice dominate the landscape. During a summer of perpetual daylight, the tundra experiences a warm awakening and is carpeted with minute and beautiful wildflowers. Ice-peppered fjords ring with the thunderous sound of glacial ice crashing to the sea. Walrus swim out to the zodiacs filled with photographers to get a closer look at this rarely seen species. And everyone holds their breath as a polar bear is spotted and cameras click wildly.

Mr. Gadol's presentation will enlighten us about this enchanting and remote piece of our planet. Along with descriptions of the places visited he will present a video set to music with photographs he and Jeanne took on the voyage.

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