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Gualala Arts Jazz Series,
in association with Fred Adler KTDE (100.5 FM),

Latin and West Coast Sounds

Larry Vuckovich International Sextet
with Valeriana Quevedo

Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 7:30 p.m.
at the Gualala Arts Center
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
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"Latin and West Coast Sounds" with the Larry Vuckovich International Sextet plus "Valeriana Quevedo's Song and Dance" is the title of the two part concert on Saturday, January 23, 2010 presented by Gualala Arts Center in association with Fred Adler, KTDE 100.5 FM.

Larry Vuckovich Acclaimed pianist Larry Vuckovich's International Sextet will feature Noel Jewkes (tenor / baritone sax and flute); Pete Yellin (tenor and alto sax); Buca Necak (upright bass); Akira Tana (drums) and Hector Lugo (percussion).

The exotic south of the border vocalist/dancer, Valeriana Quevedo, will join the group after intermission for a passionate set of Salsa and American song and dance, presented in both Spanish and English.

Set one will feature memorable Vuckovich trio originals plus the famous and beloved early sounds of West Coast jazz. Gerry Mulligan's familiar "Line For Lyons," "Bernie's Tune" and a sublime version of "Nancy with the Laughing Face" coupled with "Young At Heart" (both Sinatra tunes) will showcase the two outstanding saxophonists on classic and irresistible West Coast interweaving and counterpoint.

Valeriana Quevedo Vuckovich will unveil his brand new composition "Adler's Allegro & Adagio," written in honor of South Coast jazz concert producer and radio personality, Fred Adler, who will emcee the concert. Adler says of this piece, "It is a deep honor and true delight to have an original composition written and performed for me by such an accomplished and talented pianist/composer as Larry Vuckovich, played along with this formidable sextet." (for more about Adler's Allegro & Adagio, see below).

Vocalist/dancer, Valeriana Quevedo, has performed for twelve years in the legendary San Francisco revue, "Beach Blanket Babylon," portraying countless characters including Cher, Princess Diana and, of course, Carmen Miranda (adorned with fruit basket hat and all!). She has served as assistant choreographer for the city's long running and record setting production. Quevedo has brilliantly performed around the globe for decades.

The evening will conclude with the hard-driving and spirited Lionel Hampton Orchestra's trademark number "Flying Home." Tenor man Pete Yellin took the famous main solo with the later Hampton big bands, and will recreate that magic on this version at the Gualala Arts Center.

This special concert is part of the on-going Jazz Series logo Gualala Arts Jazz Series and is also an event of Mendocino County Crab & Wine Days Mendocino County Crab & Wine Days.

The performance will take place on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $28 advance, $5 more day of the concert, if available. You can purchase tickets online or by calling 800-838-3006. To purchase in person, visit the Gualala Arts Center, Dolphin Gallery or Four-Eyed Frog Books.

Larry Vuckovich

Larry Vuckovich will give an Encore Solo Recital on Saturday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m. This pre-valentine's evening promises to be a special night of romantic piano classics that you will not want to miss, paired with roses, champagne and chocolates.

Adler's Allegro & Adagio

How many people do you know have had a musical composition written about them? When you think of how many people are on the earth and yet how few of them have touched a composer deeply enough to inspire a piece of music, you can begin to appreciate the honor being given to Fred Adler, KTDE 100.5 FM radio programmer and concert producer.

Fred Adler It has been Fred, with his "Sunday Afternoon Musical Journey" from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m., formally named "Sunday Afternoon Jazz and Standards," that can account for a large part of the appreciation and understanding of jazz in our area. He has selected and aired jazz in all its variations. Due to his deep understanding of the form and his wide experience in listening to and seeing jazz greats over the years, he has impressed jazz experts. Fred's musical choices have been the introduction to jazz for new listeners to the genre. As if this were not enough, in the fifteen years Fred has worked at KTDE, on Saturday and Sunday, and previously on Wednesday and Thursday, he has also broadcast jazz from KZYX in Philo on a regular basis.

Fred Adler brings a very special talent to being a music programmer. There is not only delight in the music he chooses, but the way he puts together various artists and music brings added pleasure and new insights. Due to who he is, and his complex personality, Fred combines song to song, and performer to performer, in ways that make even old favorites sound new and exciting.

Fred's job of bringing jazz to the coast continues beyond radio with the Gualala Arts Jazz Series - yearly programs of concerts given at the Arts Center, and the now famous April Redwood Coast Whale and Jazz Festival logo Whale & Jazz Festival of which he is Music Director. He scans the jazz scenes across the continent, picking out the best talents he finds, and then sweet-talks them into coming all the way up here to perform for the audience he has created.

Larry Vuckovich is one example of this process and Fred's success.

Larry Vuckovich and Fred Adler
Larry Vuckovich and Fred Adler

The History of Jazz Piano
Gualala Arts Center, 2009
Vuckovich is a veteran of the San Francisco jazz scene as pianist / collaborator with Vince Guaraldi of "Peanuts" and "Cast your Fate to the Wind" fame, and was accompanist with Mel Torme and Jon Hendricks. For his own performances Vuckovich has won acclaim from critics and jazz audiences for his deeply imaginative style and repertoire. Larry has appeared at prestigious North American and European jazz clubs, concerts, and festivals. And he has played in Gualala five times.

For the "Latin and West Coast Sounds" concert, Larry is bringing something very special - a jazz composition he wrote in honor of Fred Adler. Titled Adler's Allegro & Adagio, the piece refers to the sometimes extreme and lengthy mood swings of this swingingest radio personality.

From the title one might think that the work has only two parts - one fast and one slow - but an interview with Vuckovich reveals that it actually has three distinct parts with two interludes. The composition opens in a swing tempo that slides into a blaze of bebop utilizing the two saxophones. The middle section, though slower and a touch melancholy, is romantic with a hint of gypsy flare. After the second interlude of interweaving and counterpoint, the piece ends in a joyous finger-snapping swing style.

To underscore the importance of this event, Vuckovich has put together a program of works by other jazz composers who have written music to honor and thank DJs for their support. Gerry Mulligan's "Line for Lyons" was written in the 1950s for former West Coast DJ and Monterey Jazz Festival impresario. Jimmy Lyons.

"Robbin's Nest," the bebop anthem by Sir Charles Thompson was composed for jazz programmer Fred Robbins and was re-recorded in 2001 with Sir Charles at 82 still on the keyboards flaunting his Basie-influenced style.

Lester Young wrote "Jumping with Symphony Sid" - one of several songs dedicated to Sidney Tarnopol (changed to Torin), the New York area radio programmer who on his late-night sessions generously gave air time to black performers whose music could not be heard on most stations. For this, Symphony Sid was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and included in a display of the most influential disc jockeys in history.

To this lineage will be added Vuckovich's opus Adler's Allegro & Adagio on Saturday, January 23. Be there for the premier performance, soak up some amazing jazz, and applaud for Fred - he will be Master of Ceremonies for the show.

Latin and West Coast Sounds

Larry Vuckovich International Sextet
with Valeriana Quevedo

January, 2010
Gualala Arts Center

Larry Vuckovich at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Larry Vuckovich

Larry Vuckovich International Sextet at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Larry Vuckovich International Sextet

Larry Vuckovich & Fred Adler at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Larry Vuckovich & Fred Adler

Valeriana Quevedo at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Valeriana Quevedo

Noel Jewkes at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Noel Jewkes

Pete Yellin at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Pete Yellin

Buca Necak at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Buca Necak

Akira Tana at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Akira Tana

Hector Lugo at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Hector Lugo

Noel Jewkes & Pete Yellin at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Noel Jewkes & Pete Yellin

Fred Adler & Larry Vuckovich at Gualala Arts Center, January, 2010
Fred Adler & Larry Vuckovich

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