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Gualala Arts Presents

Dose Hermanos:
Bob Bralove & Tom Constanten

Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 8:00 p.m.
at the Gualala Arts Center

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Dose Hermanos: Bob and Tom at piano

Dose Hermanos is an improvisational keyboard duo that was born out of the vortex of the Grateful Dead.

Bob Bralove came to the Grateful Dead in 1987 to teach them MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology and swiftly became the band's on-stage tech wizard, joining in on 'Drums and Space' with his own keyboard, eventually contributing to songs as a co-writer and producer.

Tom Constanten Tom "T.C." Constanten joined the Dead in 1968 and spent two years contributing to one of the band's most brilliant musical eras before moving on.

This gave them a shared foundation in rock improvisation. Together, they are Dose Hermanos. They have made a lot of music over the last 18 years. Their latest, the critically acclaimed CD "Batique," is their first adventure with two acoustic pianos.

Because most venues do not have one, let alone two, acoustic pianos, the performance in Gualala will be a rare opportunity to see these master keyboard players generating a musical environment rich in texture, melody, harmony and energy.

Bob Bralove "Improvisation is the essence of Dose Hermanos," Bob said recently. "We are both composers so we not only improvise notes but structures and form. Working with acoustic pianos allows us to breathe in a big way. It becomes all about touch, feel, and commitment. The acoustic pianos allow us to show an aspect of Dose Hermanos at its best. We can finish each other's musical thoughts in a way that still astonishes me."

T.C. adds, "Long before there was 'the cloud' there were countless 'clouds,' arising organically, spontaneously - a gene pool of creativity, cultural conversations in metaspace, ideas tossed about among communities of artists, writers, musicians. We dive in the deep end, willingly entering an uncharted realm, a vibrant playground where we make it all up as we go along."

Bob and T.C.'s partnership has its roots in both their shared foundations in rock improvisation as well as formal training in composition and the musical avant-garde. T.C. studied with the greats - Karlheinz Stockhausen and Luciano Berio. Bob studied with the Pulitzer Prize winning Wayne Peterson before working with Stevie Wonder.

These two veterans of the psychedelic rock scene will create adventurous instrumental improvisations on acoustic pianos. Drawing on their influences in rock, classical, jazz, and the avant-garde, they will dazzle with their musical psychic connection. This dynamic duo will perform in the Gualala Arts Center Coleman Auditorium on 9-foot Yamaha and 7-foot Mason & Hamlin concert grand pianos for a special evening that will be captured for possible future release.

Both artists studied formal composition and are well versed in the language of the musical avant-garde. Their musical connection, which was forged in the heat of psychedelics, is amazing. They seem to have a compatibility which does not negate their differences but enhances them. The instrumental adventures in "Batique" run the gamut from the sophistication of Igor Stravinsky to the passion and joy of children. Their musical influences and references are numerous but their sound is unique.

Dose Hermanos

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