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Deborah Caperton, copper botanicals
& Julie Jaycox, photographs

October 1 - December 31, 2011

Other Venues: Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery

Gualala Arts will present an exhibit at The Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery beginning October 1, 2011, featuring the photography of Julie Jaycox and copper botanicals by Deborah Caperton. The exhibit will continue through December 31.

Julie Jaycox, Poppy Cones Julie Jaycox and Deborah Caperton both live in San Francisco. Both artists find that nature is their greatest inspiration. Julie will be showing a selection of her photographs. Julie's photographic eye captures what she has often referred to as "nature's geometry," details of plant life highly focused up close, with the background deliberately unfocused and left in abstraction.

Julie speaks of how the sheer volume of detail in a garden changes almost moment by moment. This, she says, provides her with an intense visual meditation, with her camera capturing only a fraction of a second in nature's infinite flow. For Julie, photographing the beauty of the botanical world is both exhilarating and necessary: "my soul's survival is fully rooted in the deep serenity of nature."

Julie Jaycox, Circled Rhodo Blossoms Julie Jaycox has been a photographer for over 15 years. Her photographs record intimate details of the botanical beauty found in public and private gardens, mainly in California. Using a hand-held Contax RX 35mm camera with Fuji PRO160 color negative film in natural light (fog is a wonderful light filter), Julie finds her compositions. Her images are printed straight from the negative without cropping, precisely the way she sees them through the viewfinder. They aren't altered digitally in any way.

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Deborah Caperton, candle holders Deborah Caperton began working with metal in high school. In 1989 she graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a major in jewelry and light metals and a minor in sculpture. Soon after, she moved to Northern California where she continues to make art and jewelry.

"Whether I make sculpture or jewelry, my inspiration comes from nature, finding unique and hidden moments from outside and bringing it into our lives, on our bodies and in our homes."

Currently, Deborah lives in San Francisco with her husband and 2 daughters. They come up to their Point Arena cabin every chance they get. Deborah established her jewelry company in 1997, making custom jewelry and limited editions. She has also taught jewelry and metalsmithing classes at San Francisco State University, The Academy of Art and the Richmond Art Center. Begun in 2008, Copper Botanicals is another project producing functional and non-functional objects for the home.

Deborah Caperton, Large Eucalyptus Branch In her own words: "The Copper Botanicals are my current endeavor. I gather flora from land and sea. It's a direct conduit from nature, creating an everlasting treasure. Currently, I'm working with various local species of eucalyptus, poppy, orchids and kelp. I carefully select, modify, dry, fabricate and seal each item. A time intensive process is employed to cover the surface in a thick layer of copper. Over a period of many days, copper particles adhere to the surface, capturing each subtle detail of the carefully prepared specimen. The qualities of copper make many patina techniques possible for a full range of colors. The final pieces can decorate both walls and tables."

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The Front Gallery is in the entry to The Sea Ranch Lodge, to the right of the Reception desk.

The Sea Ranch Lodge is located at
60 Sea Walk Drive, Sea Ranch, California 95497
Please call (707) 785-2371 for more information.