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Studio Discovery Tour Exhibit

September 2 - 26, 2011

Other Venues: Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery
Studio Discovery Tour

How long has it been since you've been on a treasure hunt? Why not spend sometime going on an art hunt that takes you off the beaten path Labor Day weekend, September 3-5, and the weekend after, September 10-11? This event is for the dedicated art forager who wants to add some excitement to their life. To help you plan your tour, there will be a representation of Studio Tour artists showing at The Sea Ranch Lodge.

Susan Routledge 42 artists open their studios on this 19th annual event. Meet Susan Routledge, who currently has her studio at "Barking Rocks," the sprawling coastal estate - formerly owned by artist Millard Sheets - just north of Anchor Bay. See her famous collection of art easels, and her colorful paintings. How about Anne Kessler, who has her studio in Point Arena, whose painting, "Mendocino Light", is appearing on the Fetzer Vineyards limited edition Earth Day Bottle this year? While you're visiting, take her "art walk" to discover earthly delights.

These are just two of the artists that have interesting treasures to share with you. We also have an artist who carves marble, six jewelers who all do very different work, several painters, a gourd maker, a couple of ceramic artists and even one who paints dots on furniture, not to mention weavers, wood carvers, an artist who works in iron, photographers and so much more!

Anne Kessler It may require extra effort on your part, but it may change your life or at least change the way you see. You may have to drive down rutted dirt roads or across open meadows to where you can hear the surf pound. You may have to find your way across a narrow bridge or along a private road where deer or even zebras are grazing. This is where we live and where we create our art. You are challenged to share our inspiration, the views from our work benches or easels, the feel of our tools or our paints, and the texture of our lives. Don't be timid. Find out why we live here. Rise to the challenge. We want to meet you and show you our art. Come Enjoy!

Two exhibits for you to come and plan your own personal Tour, northern exhibit at Oddfellows, the corner of Kasten and Ukiah in Mendocino until October 3.

Studio Tour Opening Reception Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery September 2, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Exhibit will extend until September 26, 2011.

The Sea Ranch Lodge is located at
60 Sea Walk Drive, Sea Ranch, California 95497
Please call (707) 785-2371 for more information.