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Paintings by Dwight Eberly and
Concrete art forms by Toni Wilson

June 18 - July 29, 2010

Other Venues: Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery

Gualala Arts presents an exhibit of the paintings of Dwight Eberly and the concrete art forms of Toni Wilson in the Front Gallery of The Sea Ranch Lodge from June 18 thorough July 29, 2010.

About Dwight Eberly

My work is semi and/or totally abstract. I paint to a feeling that I cannot describe, except that it is a visceral experience. I try not to "guide" the work, rather, it evolves and unfolds during the process until I experience that special moment when all the painting elements combine in a sudden sub-conscious exhilarating awareness.

Using oil paints gives me enough time to allow my ego to get out of the way. Ego awareness impedes my search for the creative experience. By ignoring the ego's "suggestions" long enough - the ego gives up and then I'm free to experience my painting.

I want my work to stimulate on an emotional level - not just a visual , "Oh, that's nice," but rather a stirring on a deeper plane. A moment of discovery. I want the response to transcend the color and canvas or composition - something that has not been touched before but is waiting to be known, an affirmation and change.

My work appeals to those who feel the peace and quiet excitement of the paintings. They are very subtle, and to me the more subtle, the more powerful. I paint for the joy of the experience and I know there are people out there who want to feel the experience I am painting.

Dwight Eberly Dwight Eberly

About Toni Wilson

I was raised in Sebastopol and moved to The Sea Ranch in 1980. I have always loved the outdoors and gardening. Through the years I've had many passions but those passions always seemed to center around my experience with outdoors.

My leaf sculptures are inspired from my garden on the Sonoma Coast and the hikes I take around my property. Each leaf is one of kind, cast from real leaves and then hand painted. My use of colors comes from the fall trees and textures of nature to perfection.

Toni Wilson Toni Wilson

The Sea Ranch Lodge is located at
60 Sea Walk Drive, Sea Ranch, California 95497
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