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Barbara Pratt, Photography
Mike Hanson, Glass Art

opens April 6, 2009

The Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery

The Sea Ranch Lodge will host a photography exhibit by Barbara Pratt and glass pieces created by Mike Hanson beginning April 6.

Mike Hanson works with metal and wood to accent his glass pieces. Viewers will recognize Barbara's images of North Coast fury, poppy-covered spring cliffs and dry sea grass blowing in the wind.

Barbara Pratt

Barbara Pratt: Photography Sea spray stinging your eyes and gulps of salty air lure the viewer closer than they would dare when viewing the North Coast surf's edge. There are images of the local's favorite beach haunts, but taken when most beach combers are snug in their coffee shops just observing through protective glass.

Not all the images reflect North Coast fury, some are reminders of poppy covered spring cliffs, while in others you can hear the sea wind blowing through the dry fall grass.

Barbara takes particular interest in framing her images; she always searches for just the right combination of mats, usually silk, to compliment the emotional tone and draw the viewer in. Frames are selected to truly make each work an individual piece of finished art.

She prints her own images, using archival paper and inks. Glass is museum quality to cut glare and allow the viewer to see the complete image. Each image is only printed by Barbara once when framed. Additional prints are not available. Some of the images have touches of French pastels.

Barbara Pratt: Photography Barbara Pratt: Photography

Many locals will recognize Barbara as the publicity coordinator at Gualala Arts Center. Most of the photography representing Gualala Arts events on this website are by her. She enjoys taking pictures of people, finding strong graphic elements in images of people enjoying each other and at art exhibits. The Lodge exhibit is more of her personal, free time vision. Coming from LA twenty years ago, all the vistas she is presenting are what brought she and her husband to this beautiful land.

Mike Hanson

Mike Hanson, Glass Mike Hanson fills us in on the history of his passion, "Way before I started working with glass I had a fascination with it. Most of my skills are self-taught, but there have been several people along the way who have inspired me. I have spent invaluable time assisting at Nourot Glass in Benicia, and have enjoyed spending time with many other talented glass artists around the Bay Area and in Mendocino County.

"After being in the electrical construction industry for many years, I needed something to challenge my abilities. I started with fused glass, which didn't last long. I purchased a single-fueled torch and tried my skills at lampworking. My interest in hot glass progressed quickly with a dual-fueled torch and the construction of my lampworking studio, followed by a complete glass blowing set-up.

Along with creating original designs in glass, I enjoy building a lot of my own equipment. I also like to work with metal and wood to accent my glass pieces. I continue to develop new ways of combining lampworking and glass blowing to create new designs that I hope bring as much happiness to others as it does me."

Mike Hanson, Glass Mike Hanson, Glass

The Sea Ranch Lodge is located at
60 Sea Walk Drive, Sea Ranch, California 95497
Please call (707) 785-2371 for more information.