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Dwight Eberly (painting) &
Dianne Van de Carr (fused glass)

July 18 - September 14, 2008

Reception: Friday, July 18, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
The Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery

Painting by Dwight Eberly The Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery will feature the paintings of Dwight Eberly and fused art glass from Dianne Van de Carr from the opening Friday, July 18 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. through September 14.

About Dwight Eberly

Born and raised in Illinois, Dwight was enthralled by both art and music. But, fortunately, while recuperating from a war injury in Pearl Harbor, he found more time for art. Upon discharge and with funding from the G.I. Bill, he attended the University of Illinois and studied art at USC. During the Korean War, Dwight served as a meteorologist in the Air Force, then accepted a position as an illustrator for Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company.

Painting by Dwight Eberly Dwight had ability in every artistic medium and enormous talent as an illustrator, but it was painting that called to him. "I knew what I was after with painting and art," Dwight recalled years later. "It [was] a new perspective, a sense of something beyond that which is visually perceived, and it meant leaving a safe, controlled, known position. It demanded an openness to the abstract nature of things both for me as the artist and as a person.

"When I first resumed painting, I started using the palm of my hand - no brushwork - just a very tactile, palpable sensation. It felt wonderful . . . totally abstract. I didn't have to think, plan or conjure up a studied execution - just my bare hand moving the paint about the canvas. When I got to what I call the 'gooseflesh' stage, I knew the painting contained all the elements I had learned: color, composition and balance. I was completely in the moment and without concern for the outcome. I felt I could finally give back to society all it had given me for my education."

Painting by Dwight Eberly And give back, he has. Dwight has been a full-time artist and part-time painting instructor for the past 47 years. When he and his wife, Shirley, a potter, retired to The Sea Ranch in 1988, Dwight became involved with Gualala Arts almost immediately, teaching oil painting, serving on the Board, refurbishing the Dolphin Gallery, and serving on the Hanging Committee for Art in the Redwoods for many years at the former Arts Center. Dwight has given so much of his time, in fact, we're glad he has still found time to paint. In honor of this long history, Gualala Arts is pleased to announce that Dwight is the honored artist for the 2008 Top Hat Dinner. Top Hat is the opening dinner on August 14 for the 2008 Art in the Redwoods Festival. Call 707-884-1138 for additional information about the dinner.

About Dianne Van de Carr

Dianne Van de Carr: Entropy Dianne Van de Carr, a fused glass artist shares time between her home in Carmichael, California and The Sea Ranch. She started out doing stained glass windows but has been working exclusively with fused glass since 1985. Dianne is always looking for new ways to extend her creativity in this exciting medium. She loves to cut glass, use power tools and really doesn't mind cutting her fingers, (She is Type A+). The colors and texture of glass along with the technical challenges and unlimited artistic possibilities keep her excited about her work.

Dianne Van de Carr While being self taught most of her career, Dianne has recently enjoyed attending glass workshops and learning new techniques to bring to her creations. In recent months she has collaborated with metal and clay artists on mixed media projects.

Dianne loves animals and nature, and there isn't much that makes her happier than working in her home studio with good music on the stereo, the door open so that she can smell wisteria blossoms and hear bumblebees and hummingbirds buzzing outside. This is bliss!

Dianne Van de Carr: Plate She has worked with a wide variety of themes, making art as well as functional pieces. She produces an extensive line of earrings, pendants and necklaces. She has made two and three dimensional glass sculptural pieces, bowls, dishes and abstract constructions. She has long enjoyed making wild and wonderful human and animal faces with dazzling color combinations many pieces feature magical Dichroic glass.

Dianne has long been enchanted with sea life subjects and has produced graceful jelly fish sculptures as well as a variety of whimsical fish and crustacean abstractions.

Dianne's work may be viewed at her web site and found in California galleries and in private collections.

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