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Connections to the Universe

Reception: Thursday, March 20, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through May 11
The Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery

Ralph Matheson The Sea Ranch Lodge Front Gallery will have a free exhibit titled "Connections to the Universe" opening Thursday, March 20, 2008. Gualala Arts, which manages the Gallery, will feature artists Ralph and Larain Matheson, Tom Eckles, Bea Acosta, Bruce Jones and P.T. Nunn. A variety of media will be represented; paintings, drawings, photography, digital art, and sculpture.

Bea Acosta The art will highlight work that resonates with images that are from the imagination and open to interpretation. Some will be reality based images from nature as well as digitally produced images. The feeling evoked when looking at them should be one of mystery, symbols connecting our spirits, images of cellular connection, and looking out over the universe.

Some pieces may be small images of interior landscapes seen in one's mind, others larger than life artwork that connects one to the universe or to the vastness of the ocean, seen as a universe.

The important quality of the art for this exhibit is that it goes "beyond" landscape to the mystery that connects us all, that is, art that connects each of us to the universe.

PT Nunn, Reflection Larain Matheson

The Sea Ranch Lodge is located at
60 Sea Walk Drive, Sea Ranch, California 95497
Please call (707) 785-2371 for more information.