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Confrontational Art

Opening Reception: Friday, February 4, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through February 27
Gualala Arts Center

Update: Photos below are from the exhibit
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"All art is confrontational, everything else is decoration."
- Doric T. Jemison-Ball II

Confrontational Art The Confrontational Art exhibit is intended to attract and exhibit the work of local and regional artists that pushes the boundaries of form and content; work which addresses social, political, cultural and/or aesthetic issues.

For this exhibit, we are looking for work that tends to subvert, rather than reflect cultural norms, that shocks or disturbs rather than soothes. We see this exhibit as an opportunity to explore the entire notion of freedom of expression, where it comes from, who grants it, and what, if any, are its limitations.

Some of areas of expression we are encouraging artists to explore are:

  • War and Politics
  • The Social and Human Condition
  • Gender Issues: Sexuality and Psychosexuality
  • The Environment
  • Popular and Material Culture
  • Art and Aesthetics.

Confrontational Art Since we are assuming that some of the potential submissions may not have had opportunity to be exhibited previously, we are lifting the customary limitation that work submitted must have been completed in the last two years. This exhibit will accept any work, regardless of age, as long as it has not been previously shown on the Mendonoma Coast, the artist is still living, and has the curators' approval.

Confrontational Art This exhibit will nor be juried or judged. The curators are planning on working closely with participating artists to select work that will provide the richest and most representative content consistent with the theme of the exhibit. To this end, the curators will be guided by available space and achieving the highest quality exhibit, so entering more than two pieces of art is possible. All media, whether 2-D or 3-D is welcome.

Artists are invited to contact either of the curators, Doric T. Jemison-Ball II or Sharon Nickodem if you have questions about the exhibit.

Confrontational Art Confrontational Art Comments on the Exhibit

"Many, many thanks to you and Sharon for such a fantastic show! I hope Confrontational Arts become an annual exhibit. It's so nice to come home from an opening and want to talk about every piece (in a positive way). Well done!" - Lynn

"Congratulations to you both for a great opening and provocative exhibition... I need to return so as to look more closely at each piece without the crowd." - Tom

"Your show is the best one Gualala Arts has ever had! Hands down. So many pieces, each so perfectly shown. Each as professional as the next. So varied in media and yet every one is on-target. Great mix of the best local work and outside contributions. I feel you have put Gualala Arts Center on the map with this show! Cannot praise it enough. This is THE benchmark show to which all the rest will be compared. Am so eager to go back and take the time to absorb each entry. This is the show that will make GA history! How perfect that it comes this year! It only took the organization 50 years to get to this point!" - Jane

Confrontational Art Exhibit

Gualala Arts Center
February, 2011


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