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Eileen Borgeson

Exhibit remains through November 14, 2010
Jacob Foyer, Gualala Arts Center

Eileen Borgeson exhibit Gualala Arts is showing the art works of Eileen Borgeson in the Jacob Foyer at Gualala Arts Center through November 14.

Eileen is a prolific, world-renowned artist whose mixed media expressions employ many state-of-the-art technologies, including fine optical glass, fiber optics, water jet cutting, neon and holography, sometimes accenting her work with gold, marble, and other precious metals and gems.

Eileen had the unique opportunity of working with the artist/designer Erté during the last seven years of his life. Erté is considered to be the Father of the Art Deco movement. Said Erté of her interpretations: "... an idealization of my work ... You see the image floating like a dream." In conjunction with Yoko Ono and the John Lennon estate, Eileen brought to fruition John's line drawings, carved in optical crystal, filled with 23k gold.

Eileen Borgeson exhibit All Disney pieces are one-of-a-kind prototypes for Disney Stores. All Warner Bros. characters are part of the collection Eileen created for the International W.B. Stores in the 1980s. On all Disney & W.B. vases, Eileen worked with the technicians at Pilgrim Glass in West Virginia, one of the oldest glass blowing facilities in the country, and on several of the glass pieces she worked with artists/technicians in the Czech Republic.

In the late '90s, Eileen worked in conjunction with Al Hirschfeld and his manager, recreating his infamous drawings of Broadway, television, and film stars in etched black glass, oils, and 23K gold. Hirschfeld was very excited and enthusiastic to see his drawings come to life in black glass by Eileen.

Eileen Borgeson exhibit

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