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Bill Apton Photographer Retrospective
"The First Hundred Years"

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through July 5, 2009
Burnett Gallery

Bill Apton Some of the photographs in the exhibit Bill Apton Photographer Retrospective, "The First Hundred Years," will be familiar because he created the popular and widely circulated photography book "The Mendonomans" that graces many coffee tables on the South Coast. This retrospective exhibit looks at the work of a successful commercial and artistic photographer over a fifty plus year creative period.

The photos are grouped roughly into seven categories beginning with "The Early Years" from college through the Army. Then, "Street Photography" captures scenes in San Francisco during the 70's and 80's. Other phases are titled "Travel and Scenics," "Art," "My Favorite Model" (his wife Holly), "Mendonomans," and Commercial Photography."

Bill Apton, Vietnam, 1995 From the time Apton's interest was first awakened when he was given a simple Kodak box camera as a premium for opening a saving account until his current efforts with the most advanced digital techniques, he has always striven to capture the world he sees and to covey his message in a visual image.

This exhibit includes work from his forty years as a commercial photographer when he did studio advertising as well as corporate brochures and annual reports. This experience taught him how to make his work pleasing to the eye, to have a visual impact, and to convey a message. Whether he is traveling to an exotic location or walking down a city street he brings these valuable experiences to his work.

Regardless of the subject matter Apton has a visual curiosity that knows no limits. Photogenic subjects, social commentary, scenic vista, or artistic form are all possible subjects of his photographs. Now, he works out of his dream studio in Gualala and there he can enhance any image that appeals to him by editing lighting, composition, or individual elements.

To create this show Apton has sorted through thousands of transparencies and countless boxes of negatives - a lifetime of work - to find the best images that will best portray the world as he sees it in a humorous and bold manner. The viewer will be delighted with the results.

Bill Apton Bill Apton: Sunset & Wave

For more information about Bill Apton,
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Polyglot: Expressive Media in Book Arts
will be sharing space with Bill Apton in the Burnett Gallery
along with their Jacob Foyer exhibit.

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