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Swiss Light

Photography by Charlotte Burnett & family

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 12, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.
Exhibit remains through August 3
Burnett Gallery

Gualala Arts will present a free exhibit titled "Swiss Light" from the opening reception Saturday, July 12 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. through August 3. The exhibit will feature Charlotte Burnett and family showing photographs from their travels in Switzerland.

Charlotte Burnett Charlotte Burnett

"Swiss Light" is a collection of photographs taken by family members related to and including Rex and Charlotte Burnett. The individual photographers range in travel experience from one visit to twenty-five or more visits to Switzerland. The photographs by Rex Burnett and Charlotte Burnett span a period of some 30 years and make up the great majority of pieces in this group show. Rex and Charlotte Burnett's photographs were originally in the form of 35 mm slides, some of which show expected signs of ageing, therefore requiring "digital remastering" on a computer by son John Burnett.

Highlights of the show include a number of stunning "blue and white" snow scenes by Charlotte Burnett and Rex Burnett, an aerial photograph of Interlaken taken by Ursula Hamilton while paragliding, some handsome old stone architecture photographed by Kent Burnett, and John Burnett's picture of a rainbow over a white castle in Thun.

This satisfying show is more of an aesthetic experience than an historical documentary, as the pictures were selected on the basis of artistic merit and visual storytelling.

Charlotte Burnett

Charlotte tells us about the exhibit, "At the time I retired from a professional career in design, illustration and creative art with my husband Rex Burnett, also an artist (automotive and industrial), Gualala Arts was a small but enthusiastic organization offering many cultural opportunities for all. We became eager promoters for developing a new art center and participated in many ways. Working in the Dolphin off and on, through the years I had four shows there of my art and chaired the first building committee and fund raising activities. Travel was a favorite adventure for us, and I filled many sketch books, and we both took many photographs. Reviewing these convinced me that I wished to share strikingly unusual Swiss scenes, often only present during winter, as well as those remote from vacationing tourists."

John Burnett

As a very young child, John (Charlotte's son) opened up his own art world, using any media. He was handy with crayons, chalk, paint, clay; eventually he made a few movies, creating costumes and make-up for a few young cohorts and himself. Painting soon made him a captive. Visiting the Tate Gallery, the Louvre, the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, the Dali Museum in Spain, etc. when he was about 13 confirmed his inclination. Now living in Southern California, he has shown his paintings in various galleries and at "Open Studio" events. Returning to Switzerland in 2006 stimulated his urge to capture some of the striking images most recently seen.

John Burnett

Ursula Hamilton

While traveling with John, Ursula (Charlotte's daughter-in-law) was reminded of her Swiss sight-seeing as a young student. On the trip in 2006 she had a more unique view of the Swiss Alps than most! Her camera went with her as she was "para-gliding" from the very high peaks above Thun and exploring small villages.

Kent Burnett

Taking what opportunities a demanding corporate career allowed, Kent (Charlotte's nephew) often joined Swiss Trek, if only for a few days. He took home with him numerous photographs highlighting cultural relics, contemporary scenes, and the rare special event involving family members.

Harvard Holmes

Beginning in the early 1980's, Harvard (Charlotte's son) made several trips with Charlotte and Rex hiking and enjoying the Swiss countryside. Some were made with his daughters and some were made with his wife Sara. His picture taking has been more documentary than artistic.

Sara Holmes

Of several trips to Switzerland, Sara (Charlotte's daughter-in-law) found that the trip in 2002 stands out, as she was drawn to a number of images that she visualized turning into note cards. Photography has been a casual hobby for her since she received her first camera, a Brownie Starflash, at age 12.

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