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Love and Hate - Construction and Destruction
Forces at Work in America Today

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 14, 5 p.m.
Exhibit remains through November 5th
Burnett Gallery

Love and Hate: Construction and Destruction; Forces at Work in America Today "Love and Hate - Construction and Destruction, the Forces at Work in America Today" is a new and exciting exhibit being planned for fall of 2006 at the Gualala Arts Center in Gualala, CA.

The show will include paintings, poems, essays, live performance and sculpture all dealing with the issues of love and hate that are alive and well in our country today.

"Selecting this concept of Love & Hate for a show is part of Gualala Arts' ongoing commitment to create an environment for a variety of art and art themes in our gallery space. We feel it is part of an art center's obligation to any community to be a conduit for dialogue and inspiration!" says David 'Sus' Susalla the art center's director.
The show's curator and artist David Wayne Floyd was excited that the Gualala Arts exhibit committee was open to the ideas he submitted for the 2006 exhibit season.
"I am thrilled that Gualala Arts was willing to support such a controversial show concept," says Floyd. "The concept of love and hate is a powerful one today.

Most people for example don't realize there are white supremacist groups alive and well and growing in number every day in this country or that hate is being legislated in our very government and being influenced and fueled by religious fanaticism that is designed to take away human rights and freedoms. And we rarely if ever hear of the heroic acts of love and compassion in a voyeuristic media culture that thrives on sensationalism, fear and suffering.

Hopefully this show in some way will help bring much needed attention to both of these important issues" says David. "We are even creating a special section for the more controversial pieces so people can choose the depth of their experience, and we won't offend the light of heart." David adds, "Enter at your own risk."

The "Love and Hate" exhibit will open October 14th and run through November 5th, 2006.

"As curator for the Love and Hate: The forces at work in America today exhibit, I have received a flood of emails from people moved by the idea of the theme of the show.

One woman had done a painting about a great personal loss and the pain associated with it. She wanted to know if the show was the appropriate venue for her piece. I told her I thought it was perfect. It is important as the curator of this show to let the individual artists interpret what "Love and Hate" means to them personally, socially, politically, etc.

Many questions have been asked about censorship. Artists want to know how honest they can be. I told them we will not censor the show, but that we may have a special section set up for the more controversial pieces so people can decide for themselves if they want to view the work. I have had many inquiries about performance pieces, size restrictions and content. I am so excited that we are getting such a passionate response to the show. A truly moving and controversial exhibit that will stimulate dialogue and thought is precisely what I was hoping for!"

- David Wayne Floyd

Entry forms are available at the Gualala Arts Center and online at Contact Gualala Arts at 707-884-1138 or email us at for more information. Curator for the show is David Wayne Floyd and can be reached at 707-884-1224, 415-221-1851, or

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