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Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild
10th Anniversary Show

Opening Reception: Friday, March 10, 5 p.m.
Exhibit remains through March 27th
Burnett Gallery  &  Jacobs Foyer

Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild Ten years ago the long tradition of quilting in our coastal communities was transformed into a guild. To celebrate its Tenth Anniversary, Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild will host a multi-faceted event which will begin with the opening of its 2006 Challenge Show in the Burnett Gallery, and a Challenge Retrospective and reception in the Jacob Foyer, both at 5 p.m. A display of "President's Quilts" made by the guild's past presidents, and a gala dinner and entertainment for guild members, and their guests, follows at 6:30 in the Coleman Auditorium.

"A Perfect Ten" describes this year's Challenge, in which quilters find a way to use the number or concept of "ten" creatively in their quilts. This could be done in many ways: a quilter could use ten blocks, ten shades of blue, the word ten or "X" in the quilting, ten fingers on a baby's hands, or an infinite number of other methods of rising to the challenge. Viewers will be challenged as well, to guess how and where the quilter used "ten" in her quilt. A covered legend on each quilt back solves the mystery.

Wine and appetizers will be served in the foyer from 5 - 6:30 p.m., where quilts from many past challenges will form a Challenge Retrospective. The Quilt Challenge tradition goes back to the early 1990's, predating the guild itself.

The auditorium will be hung with President's Quilts, each one created by a past guild president from blocks made for her by guild members. Traditionally each outgoing president chooses a pattern for her memory quilt. The members make blocks and present them to her when her term of office is over. The president then sews the blocks together to create her "President's Quilt." These beautiful and creative quilts have never been displayed together before, so this show will be an opportunity for the members, as well as the public, to enjoy these memorable quilts.

Dinner features cuisine prepared by the illustrious Gualala Arts Culinary Guild, and all who attend will be treated to a program of entertainment and dancing throughout the evening. Reservations required. Call Lynne Atkins, 884-3838 or Kathye Hitt, 884-3744 for information.

Quilts in the gallery and foyer will hang through March 27, and the auditorium show will continue through April 3. The quilt pictured above, "Loon," was made by Pam Wilson for the 2002 Challenge.

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