Gallery Exhibit:
Environmental Art:  Artists Working with Nature

September 17 through October 2, 2005
Opening reception: Saturday, September 17, 5:00pm


We share the power of this place called Gualala, meaning "where the waters meet."

We've all landed here with a bit of awe, perhaps struck silent by the wild beauty lapping at our feet. A new show at the Gualala Arts Center entitled "Environmental Art: Artists Working with Nature," is not so much concerned with how nature looks, but with what nature is - a unique encounter for each individual.

Last year's environmental show was acclaimed for the artists' celebration of nature and the environment while involving the viewer with seeing nature in new ways. This year original and vibrant site-specific works, indoor and outdoor installations, interactive and performance pieces are planned. In distinctive ways, the artists incorporate aspects of their Sonoma/Mendocino environment.

Of special note is the placement of work - both the excellent indoor Burnett Gallery and the beautiful outdoor trails will be used to display the artworks. Few centers occupy such an inspiring natural setting as Gualala Arts. We're fortunate to be able to invite, and perhaps inveigle, the public to such an encounter with Environmental Art.

Photographs from last year's Environmental Art exhibit are shown at right; more photos are available in our photo gallery.

The opening reception of Artists Working with Nature on Saturday, September 17, 2005, from 5 pm to 7 pm, will involve special festivities and a delightful mix of culinary creations and environmentally sustainable foods. The public is invited.

At 7 pm, Dr. Anthony (Tony) Michaels, the Director of the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California, will make a short presentation entitled: "Win-Win Outcomes in Environmental Debates - Solutions or Pipe Dreams?" He will explore how careful collaboration may lead to outcomes where everyone can ends up better off than they currently are, or than they are likely to be with confrontational approaches.

The show will continue through October 2, 2005. Admission is free. Gualala Arts Center is open weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm, weekends from noon to 4 p.m., and is located at 46501 Old State Highway in Gualala. Please call 707-884-1138 or visit for more information.