Burnett Gallery Exhibit:  Make Me Laugh
January 8 through February 6, 2005


The Funniest Art Show You've Seen!

Our Mendonoma Coast has a penchant for the humorous. Visitors to the Gualala Arts Center are often heard laughing out loud in response to the humor and wit of our local artists.

When Jeanne Gadol got the notion of an art show to begin the New Year, she knew that it would be aimed at laughing and relaxing together, with a carefree chuckle, an irrepressible chortle, and an old-fashioned belly laugh. She is curating "Make Me Laugh," the first Gualala Arts exhibit of 2005, exhibiting funny art in all its forms.

Come tickle your funny bone at the opening reception, and join the artists for an upbeat party, as we welcome a brand new year of great art, fun, and togetherness. Whether your favorites are silly animals, humorous humans, or wacky wild things, you'll find it all here at Gualala Arts Center on Saturday, January 8, from 5 to 7 pm. Come and laugh with the artists, and start your year with a full dose of the world's best medicine.

The show will continue through February 6.